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Top 5 animal invasions in football

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Football has seen numerous characters invade the playing field in a bid to get their 15 seconds of fame. However, it’s not just overzealous fans who have invaded football’s hallowed 90 yards. From the chicken at Blackburn to the cat at Anfield we take a look at 5 of the the best critters who’ve invaded the pitch.

5) Pine Martin invades Swiss League match 2013

Unlike he usual funny stories, when the critters run around and are rounded up without any problem, this incident was not quite so funny. When a Pine Marten, a weasel like creature invaded the pitch during the match between Zurich and FC Thun, it bit a player – urich defender Loris Beneto. Beneto was trying to get the Marten off the pitch when the critter nipped him in the fingers and escaped again. Eventually Zurich keeper Davide Da Costa armed with his trusted keeping gloves safely managed to get the Marten off the pitch.

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