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Top 5 highest paid Manchester City players in 2018

Ben Roberts
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Watford v Manchester City - Premier League
Manchester City.

Manchester City have been at the top of their game for some time now, thanks to the Abu Dhabi United Group's takeover of the club in 2008. Hefty sums of cash have been systematically pumped into the club since then, making Man City one of the richest clubs in the world.

With that money, they've been able to assemble a world-class team. Players are signed from all around the world and given huge wages-per-week for their services. If Manchester City are in for a player, other clubs know they don't tend to stand much of a chance, as City can easily outbid them.

Given that Premier League clubs are awarded around £100m just from TV rights, it puts them in a very advantageous position when negotiating to buy players. However, as far as wages are concerned, the teams are in a bit of a checkmate: agents of the players in the question know how much the club can afford, so they hike up the wages purposely to get the best possible deal for their man. It's not as if the club can say it's too much, because everyone knows the astronomical fees that are thrown around for fun in the Premier League.

With that said, let's take a look at Manchester City's top five highest paid players in 2018.

#5 Kevin de Bruyne - £160,000-per-week

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League
Kevin de Bruyne.

Despite his wages being as high as they are, one can't help but think he deserves more. De Bruyne controls the midfield for Manchester City and has been their star man for the past couple of seasons. He's a catalyst for destruction in the centre of the pitch, and can set up an attacking move with just one through ball. His links with Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling have put him in good stead for a long time, and the chemistry between the rest of the team is only growing stronger with time.

With his performances being so great as of late - especially after a splendid World Cup with Belgium - City might be prepared to line up a new contract offer that could see him become the highest paid player at the club. It would make sense to do so, considering just how great his contribution to the team is. And if the big clubs are invariably going to circle round him this summer, a new contract will deter them from going any further than admiring.

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