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Top 5 quotes that prove Jose Mourinho is a hypocrite

Liam Flin
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Manchester United v Stoke City - Premier League
How much of a hypocrite is Jose Mourinho?

Jose Mourinho has plied his trade at the likes of FC Porto, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and, of course, Manchester United. Despite being dubbed 'The Special One', albeit of his own accord, the Portuguese hasn't seen unprecedented success in every season of his career but one thing has spanned his entire tenure- controversy.

Whether it be through his team selection or, more predominantly, his post-match comments, the 54-year-old manager always seems to capture the media's eye and will often compromise his own integrity as a result. Despite being hailed as a master tactician and generally intelligent man, Mourinho is widely regarded as both contradictory and, simply put, a hypocrite.

In the world of the Portuguese gaffer, rules which apply to other managers and clubs don't touch him or his side and he often comes out with claims which just months later he is disproving either through his words or actions. Here's a look at five quotes in particular which epitomise the hypocrisy embedded within Jose Mourinho's managerial dynasty...

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