UCL Fantasy League: 5 Players to watch out for

Real Valladolid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga
Coutinho will be an essential part for Barcelona in the UCL
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The Fantasy League is a game in which you get to choose 15 players in a 100 million budget. You get points for their performances in real life. You need to be wise enough to select the right players who would perform for your team and let you take the crown with points. However, it would be tough to predict who would perform at what time but still it would be essential to make a note of players who are consistently performing for the respective teams they are playing.

Disclaimer:- This Slideshow will not include Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as they remain one of the most unpredictable players. You choose them on your instincts.

  1. Robert Lewandowski
FC Bayern Muenchen And Paulaner Photo Session
FC Bayern Muenchen And Paulaner Photo Session

Robert Lewandowski remains one of the most crucial elements of Bayern Munich and all the fantasy teams. Bayern Munich drew Ajax, Athens, and Benefica for the Champions League group stage. They are heavy favorites to top the group despite having injury issues with the team. Lewandowski is always goal-scoring prone whether it be a strong side or a lower side. He should be a part of your team because Bayern Munich has favorable fixtures and Lewandowski could smash it all on the net knowing the current form of Robert Lewandowski.

2. Philippe Coutinho

Real Sociedad v FC Barcelona - La Liga
Real Sociedad v FC Barcelona - La Liga

Philippe Coutinho last season was just sensational for the red Merseyside team. He had it all, hattricks, goals, assists, everything. However, he missed the second half of the UCL season due to his move to Spain to play for FC Barcelona. It is an excellent addition to both your fantasy team and FC Barcelona since the Brazillian midfielder can provide assists and also score goals from long range. Coutinho should, and is a captain choice so that the points get doubled because he can all-round it all. It is definite that Philippe Coutinho will start all the games as he continues to be the most core essential part of the Barcelona's midfield.

3. Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich

The young Bavarian usually plays as a right back in Bayern Munich. He is potentially the next Philipp Lahm of the team being able to all-around as a CDM and RB; he could also play as a center mid. Kimmich for your fantasy team would earn both clean sheet points, and the player is assist-prone every game he plays. With favorable fixtures for Bayern Munich, Kimmich looks having points already for a clean sheet and assist points. Kimmich also has scored goals for Bayern Munich, last season in the UCL he scored four goals, including two in the semifinals versus Real Madrid. He is an excellent addition to both Bayern Munich and your very own Fantasy team.

4. Sadio Mane

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool FC - Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool FC - Premier League

The Kopite had an excellent record for the UEFA Champions League last season. He went on to score ten goals in 13 matches. Now not all of the people are Cristiano Ronaldo to score in every game they play. But Sadio Mane had an excellent run in the last Champions League season, and he's still going great in the current Premier League season with the arrival of his friend Naby Keita as they link up very well. He has scored four goals in five matches so far this season and is going to be one of the best choices for your fantasy team. Captaining him is also an option as Mane all rounds as well. This player should be selected despite having hard fixtures because he is not a defender so clean sheet points should not bother him.

5. James Rodriguez.

FC Bayern Muenchen And Paulaner Photo Session
FC Bayern Muenchen And Paulaner Photo Session

James Rodriguez is another player who is a sure shot starter for Bayern Munich. The Golden Boy of the 2014 World Cup came to Bayern Munich from Real Madrid on loan. Last season in Bundesliga he had 23 appearances in which he scored seven goals and managed 11 assists for his team. And following that performance, this season he has played three games so far, and he scored only one goal. However, James is not the player you want to miss out on your fantasy team. He comes in a different form once he plays in the UEFA Champions League. He is a beast, and he will bag an assist and a couple of goals due to favorable fixtures. And also he is a first-team member of the team, so it already guarantees you two points (including 60 minutes+ play time) and if captained, four.

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