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Video: "Boring chants don't change me, I'm stronger than that," insists Jose Mourinho

1.43K   //    05 May 2015, 12:55 IST
Jose Mourinho led Chelsea to their first Premier League title in five years

Jose Mourinho is a machine of a football manager. He is what you can call a real champion if there was ever one. After leading his team to their first Premier League title in five years with their 1-0 win over Crystal Palace, Mourinho was back home, sitting in his living room for an interview with BT Sport’s Jake Humphery.

In his interview, the Portuguese manager opened up about several topics, including his future at the club while insisting that it was impossible to equal the record of winning 13 Premier League titles set by former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

"I have a long way to go, but Sir Alex left the bar in an impossible position for anyone. I cannot win 13 Premier Leagues," Mourinho stated. "I can win 13 championships. I can. I have eight, I think I can go to 13. But 13 Premier Leagues, no, no chance."

When asked about his future at the club, Mourinho replied, "When I came back, I put myself in (Chelsea owner Roman) Abramovich's hands. My family is super happy to be here, so I have nothing to push me away from England. It's up to him. When he wants me to stay I stay, when he thinks it's the right moment for me to leave I'll go somewhere else."

Mourinho has won titles in England, Italy, Portugal and Spain, and there are only very few who could say that they have, which makes Mourinho one of the most commendable men to answer the question: which is the best league in the world?

“Sometimes I laugh when people compare a few numbers from different leagues and I can laugh because I was in all of these leagues," he said.

"But when you see a 7-0 or a 6-0 in Germany, in Italy, in Spain, people don't know the difference between the top teams and the other teams. In England, this is the reality, even for the top teams to win is very difficult.”

Chelsea have been accused of being boring with their gameplay throughout the season, but it doesn’t affect Mourinho who insists that he is stronger than that.

"It doesn't bother me - it doesn't change me. I'm stronger than that. I know that it takes to be in the position we are. It doesn't affect me. I think the players deserve more.”

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