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Video: The moment when a referee showed Zlatan Ibrahimovic who the real boss is

14.72K   //    29 Mar 2015, 10:12 IST
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic being denied the match ball by match referee Tony Chapron during the French Ligue 1 between Paris Saint-Germain FC and FC Lorient at Parc Des Princes on march 20, 2015 in Paris, France.

It isn’t always like Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets to boss around as it was apparent after the Swedish striker was refused to be given the match ball. Zlatan had scored a hat-trick in PSG’s win over FC Lorient on March 20, and reasonably wanted to take the match ball home. 

However, referee Tony Chapron was not in the mood of having any of that as he was seen rejecting Zlatan's request. Zlatan being Zlatan wasn’t going to hold back his thoughts on what should be done and what not, and understandably expressed his discontent with the referee as he accused Chapron of being ‘wanting to be the boss in front of the cameras’ as he came out of the match tunnel.

A little clear interpretation of the conversation between the two:

Zlatan: Where is the ball?
Chapron: I decide (where it is.)
Zlatan: You want to be the boss now? Okay, good, you're the boss now. 

Although, the ball was eventually handed to Zlatan who posted a photo of the ball, wrapped tied to his car’s seat on Instagram with the caption, “For those of you who are wondering where the ball is..."

The match ball

Zlatan match ball

Given the recent incidents involving the former Barcelona and Milan striker and several other match officials, it is not surprising that the referees are taking a strict approach against him. 

"I like it in France. I would not have played there for so long and I would not have renewed my contract if I did not like it. All the others, they just want to pull me down from the top but I will not go. I like it on top. That's where I'll stay," Zlatan had said in an interview, clearing up his thoughts on his intentions regarding France after he was caught on camera calling it a s**t country in a momentary outburst.

"We, the players, are punished, but not the referee," he added.

You could almost see the referee saying this to Zlatan.

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