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Video: No more teddy bears! Manuel Neuer hated losing even as a child

Bayern Munich star Manuel Neuer could not stand losing even when he was a kid, as is seen in this video, when he breaks down into tears after conceding a goal that saw his team lose a match.

News 21 Mar 2015, 18:16 IST
Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer detests conceding a goal 

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer hated conceding goals even when he was a kid. The drive to keep a clean sheet has definitely helped him progress as a player, as many believe he’s the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment.

When Neuer went on a German television show recently, they showed him a tiny clip, that showed the German star playing for Schalke in an U5’s tournament as a child.

In the clip, little Neuer was seen playing as a goalkeeper for Schalke in the Mini Kicker tournament in 1991. He sadly didn’t have the skill which he possesses now, and ended up conceding a goal, that saw his team lose the game. 

Unable to cope with the result, he broke down into tears and needed his coach to comfort him with a teddy bear. The 28-year-old might no longer need a teddy to comfort him anymore, but his winning mindset has definitely helped him win trophies in many tournaments.

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