Wayne Rooney advised to try Yoga by Jermain Defoe

Defoe Rooney
Jermain Defoe has come out in defence of former England teammate Wayne Rooney

Former Tottenham Hotspurs striker, Jermain Defoe, has advised Wayne Rooney to try Yoga and cryotherapy to prolong his playing career. The Sunderland forward has also defended the current England and Manchester United captain and believes that it is only a matter of time before he brings back the goods.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, he said: “Is age an irrelevance? 100 per cent. Ryan Giggs [who made his last Manchester United appearance at age 40] showed that. It was well documented the things he was doing, like yoga and pilates. Teddy Sheringham played until he was 40. I think Les Ferdinand was 38.

“I just think, if you do it right, if you look after yourself like I always have then you shouldn’t have a problem.

Defoe then went on to explain how the criticism of Rooney is inscrutable given the past the former Everton forward has had.

“It’s unbelievable (the criticism of Rooney). People obviously forget what he’s done and how much football he’s played. Look at his record - the highest goalscorer - it’s a little bit harsh in my opinion.

“Obviously there comes a point in a player’s career where you can’t get to the same level that you’ve been at before - and you set such high standards it’s hard to be the same.

“But people can’t forget what he’s done and the amount of goals he’s scored, not only for England but for Man United as well.

"At one stage, he was the wonder-boy playing for his country and now people are getting frustrated and the phones are burning. But he’s one of the best talents England have ever produced. It’s harsh.

“I’d say get him in the cyro! (therapy chamber).

“He’s 30 and some of the things he’s achieved in the game are unbelievable. He’s a goalscorer and when he gets the chances he can finish and he can create goals as well. But I’m not the manager of Man(chester) United or England .”


The 34-year old was then asked about his chances to represent England again, to which he replied that had Sam Allardyce still been the manager of the Three Lions, he might have had a chance given it was the same Big Same that revived his career in the past.

Maybe Sam would have got me in.

"Roy Hodgson? No chance. He’d never have put me in the squad. But I like Gareth Southgate.

“When Sam was here, we talked about England. He said, 'See, if you score goals, you’ve got a chance of getting in the squad.' I said, 'OK, cool.'

“Even better, he got the job! I said, 'Gaffer, if you get the job you better put me in!' And he just said, 'If you start the season good, we’ll see what happens.'"

On interim manager, Gareth Southgate, Defoe said: “I remember I used to play against him when I was young. I remember Martin Keown always used to pinch me and elbow me, but playing against Gareth Southgate was cool.

"He was always nice [though] He would obviously do his job and all that. So I’ve always liked him.

"I’m quite relaxed about England.

"I just want to score goals here and win games here. If at the end of the season, I’m up there with the top goalscorers in the league then I’ll be happy.”

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