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What will happen to Barcelona if Catalonia splits from Spain?

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Valencia v Barcelona - Copa del Rey Semi Final Second Leg
The political crisis in Spain has raised a question mark on Barca's status in the La Liga

Spain is in the middle of a tense political drama that revolves around Catalan independence movement. On October 27 last year, the government of Catalonia voted in favor of independence from Spain.

The Catalonia region of Spain is demanding its independence from the Republic of Spain. Catalonia was an independent region of the Iberian peninsula - modern-day Spain and Portugal with its own language laws and customs.

The war of Spanish Succession ended with the defeat of Valencia in 1707 of Catalonia in 1714 and finally with last of the islands in 1715 resulting in the birth of modern-day Spain.

In recent years Catalonia held the vote of independence(referendum) several times. Calls for complete independence is growing day by day, catalysed by the economic crisis in Spain.

This raises a big question: How this political situation in Spain will affect Barcelona? What would happen if Catalonia splits? Where will Barca play?

#1 Barcelona play in a newly formed League

Barcelona v Levante - La Liga
Will Barca be shown the door out of La Liga?

If Catalonia splits from Spain there is no reason for not having a league of its own. Catalonia would have the population more than the likes of Scotland and Denmark. It would be a country much like Portugal with more than enough population and interest to create a league of its own.

There are two ways to look at the situation of Barcelona playing in a newly formed league.

Thrown out of the La Liga


It's highly probable that Barcelona will be shown the door out of the La Liga. The reasons are not so hard to guess as the club has been a staunch supporter of the Catalonian independence movement and has made several political statements.

It's diametrically opposite to what Spanish state defends. It should not come as surprise, as unlike other teams, Barcelona always had a political stance. In other words, they have firmly stood tall against the Spanish government. Tension is already high in Spain and it seems Barca has already taken sides.  

Think of it as bitter response from Spain.

" Since Catalonia left Spain, you being pro Catalonia are out"

If the process advances, which I hope it doesn't, Catalan clubs will not be able to play in the Spanish league. I can't understand Spain without Catalonia and for me Catalonia is a part of Spain, I am certain that the TV rights for a Catalan league would not give them as much money and they would no longer be a top club in Europe," Javier Tebas, president of La Liga (LFP)

The other way to look at the situation:

Barcelona would leave the league on moral ground. The people of Catalonia, after so much struggle, will expect Barcelona to play in their own league.

The club directly or indirectly has stood with people of Catalonia since the time of General Franco and If Barcelona refuses to play in a newly formed league it would be like stabbing them in the back. It will also seriously hurt Barca's image as more than just a club.

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