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Who are the best goalkeepers currently in the world?

Karan Bhati
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who makes the cut.
The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot.


The goalkeeper is the one position where if you do make a mistake, it appears to be a flashy mistake because the ball is in the back of the net and if a forward makes a mistake there are 10 other players behind them but if you are the last man standing between the poles there isn’t that luxury.

It takes a different makeup, along with confidence, to step in between the poles. It is said that Goalkeeping is the toughest position in sports to play.

So being the best in the world of the toughest position to play in sports needs some recognition. So, following is my pick for the top 5 goalkeepers in the season.

#5 Ederson Moraes

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The Brazilian started his career at Sao Paulo and came in light at Benfica where he made 37 career appearances and made some unbelievable saves. Then, In 2017–18 season, Ederson joined English club Manchester City for record fee £35 million and made his international debut for Brazil in 2017.

He is an agile, courageous, energetic, and physically imposing keeper and good or maybe the best with both of his feet. He has that accurate piece of passing and control that every attacker would desire for. He has a phenomenal technique and goal-kick that can assist the forwards. Also, he is very calm for his age, good at the field in 1 to 1 and has incredible air game. Alongside his acrobatic shot-stopping abilities, he has qualities central to Manchester City’s surface-changing strategy. The Sky Blues always play out from the back, unless he picks out a striker with a precise ball over the top, and the Brazilian’s ball-playing abilities nearly correspond to those of an outfield player. He played an important part in the season 2017–18 which helped man city to lift premier league trophy.

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