Fortnite: Hacker shows how easy it is to bypass Anti-Cheat by making FNCS Finals

Image Credits: TheFortniteGuy / Kon
Image Credits: TheFortniteGuy / Kona
Joey Carr

It appears that Fortnite may have a more serious cheating problem than originally thought. While developer Epic Games has made numerous attempts to strengthen the defense against cheating, it doesn't seem to have worked as intended. The current Anti-Cheat software that resides in Fortnite is apparently "so terrible", according to a competitive Fortnite player.

The player, known as Kona, recently competed in the Fortnite Champion Series Solo Qualifiers. However, they decided to use blatant hacking methods to truly test the limits of the Anti-Cheat software. This resulted in some interesting results for both Kona and the current anti-hacking measures Fortnite has implemented.

Hacker makes the FNCS Solo Finals

While certainly not as serious as other titles, like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite has had its issues with hackers in the past. Utilizing cheats such as aimbots and wall hacks, these cheaters are only sometimes caught and banned by Epic Games.

Obviously, the community would rather see 100% of hackers caught and banned. This isn't a realistic possibility, however, as some cheats are simply too advanced for the Anti-Cheat software to detect. Although, this shouldn't apply to the most blatant of hackers.

In the recent FNCS Solo Qualifiers, Kona was using one of the most basic hacks in the book, an aimbot. To make matters worse though, they streamed the whole event to their Twitch channel.

Even with such egregious cheating, the Anti-Cheat software in Fortnite and Epic Games itself failed to detect it. Of course, this resulted in Kona progressing to the Solo Qualifier Finals. After all, having an aimbot makes surviving a Fortnite match a little easier than normal.

If this shows us anything it's that Epic Games need to immediately look at its current Anti-Cheat software. The system needs a revamp or some major adjustments for it to be viable enough to stop cheaters in regular or competitive Fortnite. If a player who's trying to get caught hacking can't be banned, imagine how many secretive cheaters there currently are.

Eventually, Kona did receive a ban during the middle of the tournament. However, this was only after clips of them cheating went viral on social media.

Edited by Joey Carr
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