3 Fortnite back blings that go with every skin (& 3 that stick out like a sore thumb)

Black Shield and Protocol Pack back blings in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Black Shield and Protocol Pack back blings in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Back-blings in Fortnite are pivotal in completing the look of characters. Players love spending their V-Bucks on back blings that best suit their outfits.

Like any other cosmetic in the game, even the back blings get a mixed response from the community. This reaction largely depends on the players' existing locker room to match the back bling with their favorite skin.

Three Fortnite back blings with the best design

1) Black Shield

The Black Shield was introduced with the Black Knight, and the back bling is as rare and popular as the outfit. Both cosmetics were available in the Season 2 Battle Pass and will never return.

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Black Shield is not just rare but also a great-looking cosmetic. It is simply a black shield with a dragon logo that surprisingly matches almost every skin.


2) Holo-Back

The Holo-Back backbling has made this list because of its versatility. For 400 V-Bucks, players can turn it into their favorite sticker from the emoticon locker.

The Holo-Back is very flexible, and making combinations with it is as easy as it gets. The only downside is that animated emoticons cannot be applied on this back pack. Many players in the community have requested that Epic Games add this feature.


3) Baby Groot

Even if someone isn't a Marvel fan, Baby Groot is too cute to be ignored as back bling. It is unique, considering that a living tree growing in a pot is attached to the characters.

Baby Groot could be obtained from the Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass and loopers still use it proudly.


Three Fortnite back blings with the worst designs

1) Protocol Pack

The Protocol Pack evolves every time players buy a Fortnite Crew subscription. It seems like a lucrative deal, but in all honesty, the back bling keeps getting worse with each stage.

Back blings are the secondary element of an outfit, but the Protocol Pack is too big to be incorporated with a skin. It steals the spotlight from the character and looks unusual.

Many players like the idea of progressive back bling in Fortnite and look forward to quickly unlocking Protocol Pack's sixth stage.


2) Evidence Bag

Epic Games might have thought that detailed back bling would impress players and released the Evidence Bag. It is no surprise that the cosmetic item failed terribly, as loopers could not match it with any in-game skin.

The vintage feel that Evidence Bag offers only suits Sleuth, Noir, and Gumshoe, but back blings in Fortnite are expected to help players in making combinations with skins outside their bundle as well.


3) Bao Basket

Bao Basket has too many problems to be called good back bling. First and foremost, it is bulky that gives away the location of players in games.


Even if this competitive disadvantage is ignored, Bao Basket goes well with very few skins in Fortnite. Players might enjoy using it for some weeks, but there's a high possibility of them realizing that the back bling is not versatile at all.

It is worth noting that skin preferences are largely subjective and none of the aforementioned back blings are 'bad.' At the end of the day, players should don the cosmetics they love the most.

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