5 great landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Drop into the best spots in Fortnite Season 8 to have an early game advantage (Image via Epic Games)
Drop into the best spots in Fortnite Season 8 to have an early game advantage (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is live and players have been greeted with a map that is very much the same from last season. However, there are a few lesser-known spots where players can land and get lucky at the very start of the game. Fortnite players want the best weapon loot, health supplies, and plenty of materials that will allow them to take on any forthcoming fight.

Ready your defenses and cross into The Sideways. Cubes have crash-landed on the Island and it’s up to us to fight for the Island’s survival...before it’s too late.#FortniteCubed

This article will list the top 5 spots players can land in Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite that many players might not be aware of.

Top 5 great landing spots in Fortnite Season 8

1) Woodworks

Woodworks has an abundance of loot that will be helpful for players who drop solo in Fortnite. From materials to health supplies, this area can easily suffice even for a duo team. The main advantage of Woodworks is the presence of slipstreams that allow players to quickly rotate. If an enemy is close by and attacking players early on in the game, the best plan would be to loot as fast as possible and use the slipstream to safely rotate away.


Drop towards the southeastern side of Holly Hedges to reach Logjam Woodworks but beware of raptors who might be lurking in this spot.

2) Craggy Cliffs

This spot is on the northern side of the map and is rarely contested by players. Find a small bunker beside the weather station and go into the bunker to get tons of different loot. The basements are back this season and players can now break their way into the basement to find all the loot that is in store.


With shields, metal, gold, and plenty of weapon spawns, this is a good spot to loot up peacefully while playing solos.

3) Dirty Docks


The docks have been popular for quite some time but in Season 8, it is strangely not being contested early on. Drop in here to get the best of the loot available and then use the slipstreams that have been added this season to quickly rotate before an enemy team can ambush you from multiple open angles.

4) Stealthy Stronghold


This particular POI received a small buff in the update with better loot spawns and launch pads that will allow players to be at a tactical advantage during an early fight. Since it is far to the left on the map, players are able to use the car spawns to help them rotate quickly outside of the POI when the storm begins to come in.

5) Boney Burbs


Not many players will decide to drop into this spot as it seems to be pretty boring. However, there are a decent number of chest spawns in this area and players can collect, health, shields, and much more to have a good chance for a 1v1 fight. Furthermore, Boney Burbs is in a convenient spot on the map that will allow players to loot without worrying about the storm. Additionally, there is an NPC there who will reveal the next zone to the players which can be a massive advantage.

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