6 Fortnite Chapter 2 weapons that are dearly missed in Chapter 3 Season 1

Gone but never forgotten (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gone but never forgotten (Image via Sportskeeda)
Matthew Wilkins

Over the lifetime of Fortnite, dozens of weapons have come and gone from the game. They are vaulted and added back to the loot pool occasionally.

However, with Chapter 3 now underway and a brand new loot pool in rotation, items from Chapter 2 are likely not going to be seen again for a long time. While not all the weapons were amazing, a few stood as fan favorites. They changed the game's meta numerous times and forced players to adapt to new strategies.

In this article, we list six of those weapons that are dearly missed.


Top 6 Chapter 2 weapons that players wish were added to Fortnite Chapter 3

6) Hunting rifle

This is why Fortnite should bring the hunting rifle back again

The Hunting Rifle is an "OG" Fortnite weapon that has been around since Chapter 1 Season 3. It functions much like a sniper rifle, has bullet drop mechanics and consumes a lot of ammo.

However, it doesn't come with a scope attached to it. This limits the weapon to medium range at best.

5) Bolt-action sniper rifle

Tested the range of the blue bolt action sniper rifle in @FortniteGame during Playground Mode.. 413m was the farthest we could land a snipe! 🤯 Anything past that and it wouldn't register. @theliquidburn @claymstehling

The Bolt-action sniper rifle was added to the game in Season 0. It has been a staple go-to weapon for players with high accuracy and those who enjoy long-range trickshots.

With a damage multiplier of x2.5 and a scope attachment, this one-hit-wonder is considered by many as the best weapon to have ever been added to the game.

4) Tactical shotgun

Squad wipe with the new Tactical Shotgun... Lowkey digging it@FortniteGame | #Fortnite | #Twitch | #PS4Share

The tactical shotgun is one of the oldest weapons in Fortnite. It can be fired continuously without incurring any accuracy penalties. And when scoped in, the gun is lethal at close-range.

In the hands of a capable player, an entire squad can be wiped out without the need to reload once.

3) Scar

The Scar is an unforgiving assault rifle in Fortnite. Once a player comes within the gun's crosshairs, their annihilation is all but assured. With first-shot accuracy and a healthy range, the weapon offers amazing flexibility.

Despite damage falling off only beyond 50 meters, the sheer control and accuracy of the weapon ensures that no targets escape.

2) Hand cannon

The Hand Cannon has been unvaulted. #Fortnite

Fortnite's hand cannon is modeled after a Desert Eagle. It does extensive damage to both structures and players alike. In capable hands, it can even be used to shoot at faraway targets.

The only downside to this weapon is the low rate of fire. However, once that factor has been compensated for, the hand cannon has no equal in the pistol class.

1) Pump shotgun

Pump shotguns have been the last thing many opponents have seen in battle since the OG days. It was first introduced during Chapter 1 Season 1 and is devastating at close-range.

Despite the various nerfs over time, the gun remains a fan favorite to this day. If added back to Fortnite Chapter 3, it would surely replace all other shotguns in the game.

Note: The list is in no particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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