8 rarest Fortnite pickaxes, ranked based on design 

Rarest pickaxes in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rarest pickaxes in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pickaxes are an essential part of Fortnite gameplay as players constantly use them to break items and collect structures. Over the years, a wide range of pickaxe skins have been introduced by Epic Games, and they have finally started gaining the community's attention.

Certain pickaxes in Fortnite are more valuable than others primarily because of their design and rarity.

Here's a ranking of eight rarest pickaxes based on the design from worst to best.

Rarest Fortnite pickaxes ranked from worst to best

8) Flimsie Flail

Flimsie Flail is a goofy pickaxe that is severely overpriced. It was released with Bendie and Twistie, two of the most hated skins in the game.

Flimsie Flail is no exception, and no wonder players have always avoided spending 800 V-Bucks on this pickaxe. However, this item arrived in the Item Shop only twice due to its terrible design and has now become rare.


7) Armature

Armature was released in Fortnite with skins like Tech Ops and Hypernova. While the tech skins were still decent, the pickaxe didn't fit well with the theme.

It is no surprise that Armature received an extremely negative response in the Item Shop during February 2019, following which Epic Games never brought it back. This has somehow helped Armature in becoming a rare and valuable cosmetic.


6) Persuader

The worst element of Persuader's design is that it doesn't look like a pickaxe. It was released in Chapter 1 Season 4, and it seems Epic Games' failed experiment with unique pickaxe designs.

Persuader was last seen in the Item Shop in January 2019, and it is unlikely that the cosmetic will ever return.


5) Drumbeat

Drumbeat looks brilliant with outfits like Far Out Man and Dreamflower but looks equally terrible with any other skin in the game. This naturally restricts the usability of this pickaxe, and it hasn't been available since September 2018.

Drumbeat is currently one of the rarest pickaxes in Fortnite, but it is not even near to be the best in design.


4) Empire Axe

The Empire Axe is an excellent pickaxe that many players wish to own. It is detailed, tidy, and works well with many outfits. Unlike the previously mentioned skins, it doesn't look excessively decorated.

Unfortunately, the Empire Axe hasn't been available in Fortnite since 2019. It was pretty popular in Chapter 1, and many veterans own it.


3) Axe of Champions

The Axe of Champions is a luxurious cosmetic item for any Fortnite pro player. Only one player in the entire world can have it after winning the FNCS. It is the most valuable cosmetic in the history of the game and is designed to grab the attention of everyone around it.

Only a few players will have the privilege of using this pickaxe as it moves on to the next champion every season.


2) Jagged Edge

Anyone who's a fan of dual axes must adore Jagged Edge. They were introduced in Chapter 1 Season 10, and have only been in the Item Shop thrice ever since.

Jagged Edge is one of the few Fortnite cosmetics that are rare and attractive at the same time. Also, they only cost 500 V-Bucks and seem to be worth the investment.


1) Raider's Revenge

The Raider's Revenge from Chapter 1 Season 1 is arguably the oldest and rarest pickaxe in Fortnite. In addition, it has an outstanding design that matches well with a ton of characters and cosmetics.

However, Raider's Revenge is a Battle Pass cosmetic that will never return to the Item Shop. Only a handful of players in the entire community have the bragging rights to own this item.


Chapter 3 Season 1 is underway, and it is safe to assume that none of these pickaxes will return to the Item Shop. The developers are more focused on releasing new cosmetics with better design and concepts.

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