"Everyone is cheating in Fortnite": Pro players claim rampant hacking is making people quit the game

Fortnite Chapter 3 has seen a trend of growing cheaters and hackers (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Chapter 3 has seen a trend of growing cheaters and hackers (Image via Epic Games)

Players in Fortnite Chapter 3 often find ways to exploit the game and engage in ways that might be unethical. From discovering and abusing new metas to farming infinite XP in Creative mode, the community has not held back in accomplishing feats that weren't possible in previous chapters or seasons.

Taking note of this, the competitive side of the community, the "pros", have started a heated conversation about loopers who cheat during Battle Royale matches, be it an aimbot, a wall-hack strategy, or the newly developed God Mode.

One such tweet was put up by a Fortnite pro known for his toxicity, BBG YungCalc.

Fortnite pro calls out cheaters in-game

Saf already said this, but Everyone is cheating in Fortnite. It started in Chapter 2 but people use aim assist on KBM, walls, and soft aim. Also a lot of these people are pros who you guys think are just crazy talented (there’s a reason they aren’t good in any other games)

A member of the gaming organization BBG, YungCalc is known for his aggressive competitive gameplay and psychological games against his opponents in Fortnite. The pro tweeted that another pro named "Saf" said that everyone was cheating ever since Chapter 2.

Gamers still use methods like aim assist on KBM, soft aim, wall-hacks, etc. He expressed that lots of pros have also been cheating to make their way to the top.

Cheaters have now started appearing in competitive matches, which is a much more significant threat to others as it hinders the performance of pros for current and future events. Hackers and cheaters pointed out by YungCalc clearly show that it is frustrating, and overall, a disappointment to play in lobbies filled with corrupt users.

Several pros have come across cheaters in their games


The competitive side is not the only side that has been the victim of these hackers. Casual players enjoying public matches have also come across them.

Fortnite pros such as Ninja, Sypher, WILDCAT, and even CourageJD witnessed such hackers in their casual games.

The video above reveals the gamer using aimbots and hacks in the Full Gold Midas skin, but he was below average in overall performance. The streamers pointed out that even though the hacker was using specific hacks to his advantage, he didn't fully understand how to use them.

fortnite now with the release of chapter 3 has become a raw game with a bunch of bugs, cheaters and an incomprehensible meta

The frequency of such hackers has increased in Chapter 3. All that loopers hope to have a fun and clean battle royale time and be avoided by such cheaters due to the anti-cheat. Epic Games has taken actions previously against such cheaters, but they find a loophole and surface every season.

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