A Bruno Mars event could soon happen in Fortnite

Image via Hollywood reporter
Image via Hollywood reporter

The new Bruno Mars-themed emote in Fortnite has led fans to speculate that an event featuring the American singer could happen soon in Fortnite. The emote in question is the "Leave the Door Open" emote and is based on a song by Bruno Mars featuring Anderson Paak.

Fortnite has a fascinating way of foreshadowing events. Fans were quick to spot a few interesting details that have caused the entire community to believe that the event may just be in the works.

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Is there a speculated date for the Bruno Mars event in Fortnite?


Since there's no guarantee that the Bruno Mars event will take place in Fortnite, it's really difficult to guess the date. However, fans have spotted that Fortnite follows Bruno Mars on Instagram and believe it could lead to some clues.

Fans noted that Fortnite has never followed an account belonging to an individual on Instagram since the Marshmellow collaboration in 2018.

Fans also pointed out that every single account that Fortnite follows on Instagram belongs to individuals or brands they've worked with previously.

Keeping all this in mind, it's easy to make an educated guess that the Bruno Mars event in Fortnite may soon become a reality. Fans believe that the Bruno Mars event in Fortnite may take place in Season 7.

Another individual tweeted that there was a Bruno Mars image in the files, named "Season 15 Party Royale."

The individual went on to say that he wasn't sure if the event had been scrapped or if it was an error on Epic Games' part. However, if there's an image suggesting a Party Royale, there's a chance that the event might take place.

If this event happens, there's also the possibility that Bruno Mars will receive his own skin like Travis Scott during his Astronomical event.

Overall, fans are optimistic about this event taking place. For now, there's no official word from Fortnite.

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