Doom Slayer is coming to Fortnite, new leaks show

Doomguy may be added to Fortnite by end of next week (Image via Sportskeeda)
Doomguy may be added to Fortnite by end of next week (Image via Sportskeeda)

Towards the end of 2021, multiple collaborations were rumored for Fortnite. According to the YouTube channel XboxEra, characters from games developed by Microsoft/Bethesda would be brought to the metaverse. This included several characters such as B.J. Blazkowicz, Brotherhood of Steel, and Doomguy.

Speaking of impending doom, it would seem that Doomguy is going to be added to the island sooner than expected. According to leaker MidaRado, Doomguy will become an in-game cosmetic sometime next week. Although nothing has been found in the files to support this statement, the leaker has proven right in the past.

Doom Slayer skin is most likely coming NEXT WEEK πŸ”₯@MidaRado hasn't been wrong about previous collabs and he just tweeted 3 franchise names (Doom included) claiming that one of them happens next week. Doom 64 is also FREE on the Epic Games Store now until the 25th!

While the leaker's statement may or may not hold true, there is a lot going on between Epic Games and Doom in the meantime. Given that these are not coincidences, considering the timing, they do add a lot of credibility to the leak.

Disclaimer: Readers must take the contents below with a pinch of salt as there has been no official confirmation by the developers.

The only kind of Doom that is wanted in Fortnite

There are three separate indications that the leaks are not just stones being flung in the dark. To start with, during the Unreal Engine 5 showcase, a folder called "Doom" was seen in the video. While this could be a fluke or Epic Games trying to "troll" fans, the developers do have a habit of leaving hints lying about.

During the State of Unreal showcase there was a segment showing the Intro Cinematic for Ch3 - S1.On the second monitor you can see some folders such as:- Family Guy- Chapter 3 - Season 3 Jones- Chapter 3 - Season 3 - Vader- Doomand some other filesSpotted by @polaqwym

According to the leakers, the folder was indeed a hint of things to come. Considering another folder named "Vader" was teased for the Darth Vader collaboration, "Doom" may not be just another meme folder.

Moving on from the folder, Fall Guys, which is owned by Epic Games, had a Doom collaboration some time ago. Considering that the developers were able to secure the rights for the skin in Fall Guys, having cosmetics come to Fortnite is no big deal.

Do you hear that?Doom Slayer, Cyber Demon and Cacodemon are spawning into the Fall Guys store!!!πŸ”₯ Available from 18th - 22nd August! πŸ”₯

What is interesting about this is that the Doom cosmetics for Falls Guys are suddenly making a return. This marketing strategy is usually used to cross-promote collaborations and keep the hype-train chugging. If the Doomguy skin/outfit is coming to Fortnite next week, this makes a lot of sense.

The final indication of an upcoming Fortnite collaboration with Doom can be seen in the EGS (Epic Games Store). Doom 64 is free to claim until August 25, 2022. This lines up perfectly with the speculated arrival of Doomguy in the metaverse.

Doom 64 is now FREE on the Epic Games Store until August 25th. Fall Guys just got a Doom skin and a few months ago Epic accidentally leaked a Doom collab for Fortnite. Maybe a skin soon? πŸ‘€ (Thanks @Justin_Neagle for pointing this out to me)

Nevertheless, all of this may just be an odd coincidence. However, given how the developers have been pushing collaborations since the start of Chapter 3, there is a strong possibility of the Doom crossover coming to fruition next week. That being said, not everyone is happy about it.

"I speak for Doom fans when we say we do not want this!"

Given that Doom is widely considered a legacy game, not everyone is pleased with having elements from it being brought into Fortnite. No doubt most of the reactions are positive, but a few of them are filled with rage and anger. Here are a few mixed reactions from the community.

@HYPEX @Justin_Neagle I speak for doom fans when we say we do not want this, Jesus Christ
@HYPEX @MidaRado Would lowkey make sense. Imagine all the people coming to Fortnite right now for Dragon Ball. Hit them with another banger collaboration.
@HYPEX @Justin_Neagle Oh yeeeeeeess, please! Would be lovely if they also Included Crash - that would be badass (plus a female counterpart)!
@HYPEX @Justin_Neagle Doom guy in fortnite?! Oh hell nah you can ruin other franchises but dont ruin Doom
@HYPEX @Justin_Neagle i really want doom slayer in fornite also give him a doomguy skin
@HYPEX Just imagine this as a loading screen with the demons replaced with creepy Fortnitemares skins like Big Mouth/Raggsy/Bone Peely/Cuddle Scream Leader/Soccer Zombies, etc. πŸ”₯
@eggmann45213 @Iflashiestboy @HYPEX @Justin_Neagle Making Doomguy doing tiktok dances may be a bit weird to real DOOM fans
@Ademas_El @HYPEX @Justin_Neagle I’m taking free Doom 64 but god I don’t want Slayer to be ruined by 14 year olds who still play this game

With the community split in two, it will be interesting to see how things play out. Will Doomguy's entry into the metaverse be met with cheers or will he be forced to face legions of angry fans? For now, all that anyone can do is wait and watch the events unfold.

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