Fortnite: 6 Fortnitemares Easter eggs on the map you need to see

Halloween decorations (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)
Halloween decorations (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)

Fortnitemares has officially kicked off, thanks to the most recent weekly update. As always, there will be several new skins, the return of old Halloween skins, and more. Two new bosses have arrived as well as a familiar classic from this time of the year: Cube Monsters.

One of the biggest ways to tell if the Halloween event has started is to look at the map. Obviously, there will be big changes to several POIs and the battle bus, which will be adorned with Halloween decor. However, there are a lot of subtle changes, too. For instance, currently, many places feature small changes and Easter eggs for gamers to find. Here are some cool alterations that players might not have noticed.

Intersting Fortnitemares map changes

6) Ink trails

β€’ From the front of Grim Gables you'll also find traces of the Inkquisitor, oil patches trail through the house into the basement and through a trapdoor to the mine. ⚫

The Inkquisitor is one of three bosses on the island this season, with it and Willow arriving in the latest update. It can be found at Grim Gables below the house. If summoned, it will appear and attack the player who requested its emergence. On the other hand, if it's not called on, then players might not even realize it's in the game.

However, the new map has a few subtle references to its arrival. In and around the house in Grim Gables, ink splatters can be seen pointing to the Inkquisitor's lurking presence.

5) Evil Dead crossover

β€’ The Knowby Cabin can be found in the woods near Groovy Grove and is an identical replica from the Evil Dead movie! 🏚It has his chainsaw in the shed and the Necronomicon inside! πŸ“”

It was recently leaked that Ash from Evil Dead was coming to Fortnite as a skin. However, the latest map update has an Easter egg for fans of the franchise. Knowby Cabin, which is near Groovy Grove, has been remade in the exact image of the cabin from the movies. Ash will spawn in this location as an NPC.

4) Shell or High Water

β€’ Halloween decorations can be found at Shell or High Water too! πŸŽƒ

Shell or High Water is a popular landmark in Fortnite since it has plenty of chests. Featuring a single building with a bit of surrounding area to explore, it has plenty of loot and is a popular place for gamers to go. This is especially true if they're defecting from either Sleepy Sound or Chromejam Lumberyard (formerly Logjam).

Now, Shell is even more fun to land at, as it is completely decked out in Halloween items.

3) Shroom Chalet

β€’ Shroom Chalet has been transformed into Willow's Haunt. With decorations, Willow is a boss that spawns here and will sprint after you, attacking with an AXE! πŸͺ“

Shroom Chalet was a landmark cabin far from the Reality Tree. It was essentially on the edge of the map. For this Fortnitemares event, its name has been changed to Willow's Haunt. This is where one of the three bosses spawns; it's also a good idea to remember that Willow chases players with an axe.

2) Greasy Grove houses

β€’ Greasy Grove only have Pumpkins outside their doors this year. πŸŽƒ

Greasy Grove, since it has tons of houses, is usually a haven for Halloween decorations. It does currently have decorations, but they are very minimal. Instead of candy buckets, large decorations, and more, the homes simply feature one jack-o-lantern outside the door.

The vast majority of houses and buildings on the map do have decorations. Nearly every POI is full of Fortnitemares items, but Greasy Grove has an unusually low number this time around.

1) Gravestones

Gravestones in Fortnite (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)
Gravestones in Fortnite (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)

In several graveyards across the map, gravestones have humourous messages on them. Options include:

  • "Available for Sublet - contact Grisabelle"
  • "In case of zombie outbreak, this grave will be unoccupied"
  • "Willow's Axe Cache - Don't Touch!"
  • "Didn't thank the Bus Driver"
  • "Meowscles (Life 3 of 9)"
  • "It's just teeth in here!"
  • "Cuddle Team Founder"
  • "This is NOT a secret apocalypse bunker."
  • "This plot is sponsored by No Sweat Insurance"
  • "Take a Femur, Leave a Femur"

There may be even more subtle changes on the way through next week's weekly update.

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