Fortnite adds 5 more augments after new update - Shadow Striker, Riftjector Seat and more

Fortnite Augments
Five new Augments arrive in today's v23.30 update of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 (Image via Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite update has brought a new set of Augments to the game. With the update v23.30, a new set of mythic items were also unvaulted, and it fixed significant bugs in the game.

Weekly Quests will NO LONGER expire after a week!! πŸ”₯Also, both the Kamehameha & Nimbus Cloud will be vaulted again in the next update.

The update also brings a new set of weekly quests that can once again get loopers back on the grind to level up across their Battle Pass faster and unlock their Midseason Drops. Additionally, Part 3 of Oathbound Quests is in the game and will progress the medieval storyline this season and reveal Stellan's motives behind building a Rift Gate on the island to the loopers.

While the previous v23.20 update loopers saw five new Augments added to the game, with one getting removed from the game due to a bug, a new set of these perks is ready to hit the game and bring the much-rumored Augments to the game. Here are the five Augments that have been added to the latest Fortnite update, v23.30.

Riftjector Seat, Icy Slide, and more Augments are added to Fortnite update v23.30

New Augments added in v23.30:

Last night a new set of Augments were accidentally leaked to loopers by Epic as they saw a menu screen with five icons in their game for a little while. Ultimately, that screen was later removed immediately from Fortnite. However, the community managed to grab some screenshots and info from leakers that revealed five new Augments arriving in-game with today's update.

Now that these Augments are here, they arrive just in time for FNCS Majors 1 and add an exciting shift in the gameplay on how loopers use these perks to their advantage. The five new Augments with their names and functions are as follows:

  • Harvester - Shield Mushrooms, Apples, and Grenades drop from Bushes.
  • Shadow Striker - Have a higher chance of finding Shadow Bombs in containers you open.
  • Riftjector Seat - Whenever your shield breaks, you instantly rift into the sky (including overshield)
  • Icy Slide - Gain Icy speed boost shortly after sliding
  • Mythic Munition - Gives you a Mythic Pistol

In the previous v23.20 Fortnite update, five Augments were added to the game, upon which the much-awaited Siphon was also included. However, shortly after, the Augment was removed from the game and has not returned after that. Loopers speculated that it might be added back into the game with this update.

A Mythic Tactical Pistol has been added to the game in today's update!It can be obtained through the new "Mythic Munition" augment. These are the stats:

However, stats of the Tactical Pistol that will be granted upon activating the Mythic Munition Reality Augment have been leaked. The pistol inflicts damage of 29 per body shot and 58 per headshot. The magazine holds up to 15 bullets simultaneously with an insane reload time of 1.25 seconds. With the growing popularity of the current standard pistol available in the loot pool, players will most likely activate this Augment to get an overpowered weapon in their inventory.

Alongside these Augments, Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud Mythics were added to the game as Son Gohan and Piccolo arrived as part of the Dragon Ball Super collaboration for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Moreover, several new Weekly Quests, Oathbound Quests, and a brand new questline to unlock the Geralt of Rivia have also arrived with the latest v23.30 update.

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