Fortnite Chapter 3's Spider-Man web-swinging mechanics are better than Marvel's Avengers, says the internet

A look at Spider-Man in Epic's much-vaunted battle royale (Image via Epic Games)
A look at Spider-Man in Epic's much-vaunted battle royale (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 3 introduced Spider-Man and an extremely fun web-swinging mechanic.

Web swinging around the skyscrapers of New York City is what Spider-Man is known for. Now, players can do that on the island with the start of Chapter 3 Season 1.


Those using the web-swinging mechanic are calling it an absolute blast. In fact, they are going as far as to say the mechanic is better in Fortnite than it is in Marvel's Avengers.

The internet loves Spider-Man's web-swinging more in Fortnite than Marvel's Avengers

Chapter 3 players can swing like Spider-Man with the skin on or not. Spider-Man's web-shooters are an available pickup item that allows this new type of movement mechanic.

With videos being released that showcase the Spider-Man web-shooters in action, loopers are comparing it to the recently released downloadable content that added Spider-Man to Marvel's Avengers.

Its crazy to think that Spider-Man in Fortnite convinced me to play Fortnite again while even tho the Avengers game has Spider-Man, it doesn't convince me and I like Spider-Man. and its crazy that the swing mechanic is better than the Avengers game 0_0
Now how tf does fortnite have better spiderman swinging the Marvels avengers #FortniteChapter3 #MarvelsAvengers #Fortnite #spiderman
I can't believe Marvel stole the idea of Spiderman from Fortnite The Game! 😱

Marvel's Avengers did not receive much love before Spider-Man being added, and it isn't receiving any after. Many gamers feel it did not do the superhero squad justice.

Fortnite is seen by users as doing Spider-Man the right way. The web-swinging ability is smooth and looks like it will be a lot of fun for those who get their hands on the web-shooters.

@undeadscribe It's already been said once on the internet maybe even once again here on Twitter, but why not say it again? How in the hell does fortnite Spider-Man web swing better then Spider-Man does in The Avengers game?!?!
Check out this spiderman's swinging in Fortnite❄❄🙀#SpiderMan #Fortnite
So everyone is mending about how the Spiderman swinging in Fortnite is a lot better than Marvels Avengers somehow, But also tbh Spiderman 2 could take some inspiration from this lol. He seems more weighty and I feel like he’s swinging more than just pulling himself along

The internet can be a cruel place, and Marvel's Avengers is finding that out once again with the release of Spider-Man in Fortnite Chapter 3. So many players are comparing the two.

The majority are not afraid to speak their mind on how Spider-Man's swinging in Epic's offering matches up to the character in the Square Enix developed Avengers title.

@bnwkr when a limited time item in a free game does it better than a full price marvel avengers game
How is that Fortnite managed to get the Spiderman Swinging more right than Marvel Avengers?…

The crossovers with pop culture and Fortnite just keep coming. The game has taken Spider-Man and given him to another audience that can either appreciate him or learn about him if they don't already know.

Regardless of if someone thinks the web-swinging in Chapter 3 is better than Marvel's Avengers, the Battle Royale version's mechanic that players will enjoy as long as it lasts.

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