Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 secrets: 5 things nobody noticed at all

Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Fortnite/YouTube)
Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Fortnite/YouTube)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has arrived and has brought a ton of new stuff with it. Both Indiana Jones and Darth Vader, Lucasfilm icons, will be available through the Battle Pass.

There are several new locations on the map and all of them are a little bit more colorful than in previous seasons. The Imagined Order are gone from the island, which means it's also a little bit safer to travel around.

With a new season, there are always new things to explore. New locations, Easter eggs, and more can all be found every time Epic Games changes the map, and Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is no different. Here are some cool, new secrets that many players may not have noticed.

New things Fortnite players might have missed in Chapter 3 Season 3

1) Wiped tents

Tents have been wiped (Image via Epic Games)
Tents have been wiped (Image via Epic Games)

According to iFireMonkey, Epic Games will not be having any tent glitches in Chapter 3 Season 3. Fortnite players who stored good loot in their tents will not have access to any items they had. Whether or not that item is still available in this season's loot pool, like a Legendary Auto Shotgun, will be gone.

To prevent items from last season potentially showing up in Tents when Chapter 3 - Season 3 launches, it appears Epic Games has fully wiped any items you had stored in a tent.

This is unfortunate for many players, but it prevents them from using Mythic Thermal Assault Rifles in a season where they are not active.

2) Restricted voice chat

With the Chapter 3 - Season 3 update you now have the option to restrict your voice chat even further than just party or game chat

iFireMonkey is also reporting that Epic Games has made slight changes to the voice chat for Chapter 3 Season 3. Now, there are several more options for it, making it as restrictive as players could possibly want. The following options are now available:

  • Everybody
  • Friends and teammates
  • Friends only
  • Nobody

Eventually, it's possible that Fortnite will add proximity voice chat, which they had been testing with Impostors Mode, but that's an update for the future, potentially.

3) Reality Tree hideout

Reality Tree (Image via Epic Games)
Reality Tree (Image via Epic Games)

The new map has come with several new locations and there are even some secret spots in these locations that many gamers might have missed. The Reality Tree, the giant tree on the western side of the map, holds one of them.

If players look closely, they'll see a ramp going up the side of the tree. It winds around the tree and juts out just far enough that players can follow it up. It then goes into a tunnel inside the tree. After climbing that, Fortnite gamers will find themselves on top of the tree, with several chests, floor loot, and an ascender present as well.

4) Secret waterfall


Behind the Reality Tree, there is a scenic waterfall. Normally, these would exist just to give players something cool to look at. However, this season's waterfall is not just for aesthetic purposes. There's actually a secret cave behind it with lots of loot available.

Loopers just need to enter the waterfall at the base. They'll swim in a pool for a little bit and will be able to walk up a ramp into a surprisingly large cave. There are several chests that spawn inside it.

5) Henchmen's location


The two Henchmen Bros, who broke all logic by becoming best friends, were left on the island after the events of Chapter 2 Season 3. They were friendly to the players and won't shoot them on sight like other Henchmen. What Fortnite players likely missed in Chapter 3 Season 3 was the fact that these Henchman are still on the island.

Inside the secret waterfall location, there is another secret location that's very difficult to access. By driving a car with a cow catcher through on the left side, players can break a strong brick wall that blocks a pathway. Players can go through that pathway to find the Henchmen and one alien.

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