Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Insider leaks: True or hoax?

Are the live event and Chapter 4 leaks true? (Image via Epic Games)
Are the live event and Chapter 4 leaks true? (Image via Epic Games)

There is only about one week remaining until gamers get the opportunity to experience Epic Games' Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. While the latest season's offerings might be anyone's guess, leakers have tried to uncover certain details to give the community a sneak peek into what the game could bring to the table.

Leaks come in fast at the end of each season. Recently, a user posted "insider leaks" that seem to reveal a lot about the next section of the game. Are they true, though?

Fortnite Insider leaks info about Chapter 4, but is it real?

Twitter user WilliamTheHelm shared several insider leaks about the upcoming season, including what the storyline will be about, the live event, and other related details. However, they're not to be trusted.

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Here's what some of them suggest:

"The fracture event will lead to the Zero Point being nearly destroyed. The Chapter 1, 2 and 3 maps will begin mixing together along with entirely new elements. Geno will seal the loop and the Zero Point back into place with a Dyson's Sphere."

They share further details, saying that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 will be called Dominion. Geno, a well-known player, is supposedly returning to take over the island:

"Geno now has complete control over the island and the Imagined Order will reform. Epic was going to make Geno the bonus skin, but he will now be tier 100."

According to this, Lex Luthor, who was in the Batman Zero Point comics, will be the bonus skin. Epic often uses collaborations as either the tier 100 skin or bonus skin.

Geno could be a skin next season (Image via Epic Games)
Geno could be a skin next season (Image via Epic Games)

The leaks also suggest:

"Geno's fortress will be a POI titled 'The Pinnacle'. It looks similar to the citadel from Half Life 2."

Further, the leaks add that Creative 2.0, which fans have gotten a glimpse of many times before, is coming. They say that Epic Games will slow down on regular Creative and only introduce key items as they get 2.0 ready.

As far as these "leaks" go, they do appear to be credible, but they're not. While many of these things might come to pass, nothing is confirmed as of yet.

The Fortnite Creative 2.0 leaks might be true. The skin for this season could be Geno as he's been a key figure in the storyline, and Lex Luthor may also be available.

When leaks do come out, Fortnite players must be wary of the fact that they might not all be real. Reputable leakers ShiinaBR and HYPEX often share reliable rumors, but the information isn't always genuine.

Instead, they must be considered speculative until an official statement is shared by Epic Games.

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Edited by Dinesh Renthlei
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