Fortnite concept art gives Jules an exciting goth makeover

Goth Jules Fortnite concept design (Image via Rainb0wArt/Twitter)
Goth Jules Fortnite concept design (Image via Rainb0wArt/Twitter)

Concept art in Fortnite is always a great way to provide a fresh look at older skins. However, when some of the most popular skins inspire the concept, it instantly goes viral in the community. Something similar happened recently with an amazing Jules Goth IHOP skin design.

Concept designer Rainb0wArt from Twitter recently posted their latest work for fans to see. It was inspired by the popular Jules skin, which made the headlines a few days ago. It can also be a possible IHOP collab that will help expand the Fortnite metaverse.


Players have already seen Jules in different styles. From her original outfit to the controversial Beach Jules design, players have loved the character overall. Naturally, if Epic Games were to give her a goth makeover, it would certainly be exciting for many fans.

Fortnite Goth Jules concept explained in detail

"Jules (Goth IHOP)" πŸ–€πŸ”§#Fortnite #FortniteArt

The Goth Jules concept design by Rainb0wArt is completely different from her previous designs. The original outfit, as well as the Welder and Shadow Jules outfit, looks like an engineer with tattoos. The Scrapknight Jules skin also appears to be similar to the Midas Rex outfit.

With the absence of a chilled-out-looking Beach Jules due to the controversy surrounding the character outfit, Epic Games could certainly introduce another cool-looking design for the skin.

The all-new concept has Jules wearing a Goth IHOP crop top along with a plaid skirt. She also has some fishnets and leather boots to match her outfit. Make-up and thigh belts have also been added to top off the goth look.

The concept artist also ensured that they avoided a similar controversy that surrounded the Beach Jules outfit. So they explained why the color of her skin looks the way it does.

@DavidKorges The face was originally paler, because there’s such thing as cosmetic makeup that makes skin lighter However I didn’t feel like dealing with the controversy that would most likely result

Players react to the Fortnite Goth IHOP Jules skin design

Rainb0wArt's concept immediately went viral and had several players going crazy after it. Many Loopers are excited to see Jules in a skirt and promised to buy it if it ever manages to show up in the Item Shop.

@Rainb0wArt That is a W skin for sure!! I'll definitely buy it should it ever be released!! πŸ”₯
@Rainb0wArt The day they put Jules in a skirt is when they can take my money
@Rainb0wArt Looks good. Really good. Can't have to much of Jules.

Many fans also requested the concept designer to make new concept for some other popular skins. Amazed by the creator's talent, fans said they would love Rainb0wArt to work their magic on a few other outfits.

@Rainb0wArt Can you maybey do Ruby aswell?

Clearly, the Fortnite Goth Jules collab seems like an interesting idea that players definitely want to see in the game. Epic Games should certainly start including some popular concept skins in their surveys to see how desperately the community wants them.

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