Fortnite concept artist creates the perfect Cult Of The Lamb Outfit, community wants it in-game

Fortnite concept artist creates the perfect Cult Of The Lamb Outfit, community wants it in-game
The Cult Of The Lamb Outfit concept perfectly brings the roguelike icon into Fortnite. (Images via Cult Of The Lamb and Fortnite)

A recent X post showcased a concept for a Cult Of The Lamb Outfit, igniting hopes among players to see this iconic item come to the game. The art for it, shared by a user named peco, has attracted a lot of attention from fans with its unique aesthetic and intricate design details.

Cult Of The Lamb, a video game developed by Massive Monster and distributed by Devolver Digital, has become one of the most popular indie roguelike games in recent years. With the concept art for the COTL Outfit, peco showcased how to perfectly bring the iconic lamb into the Fortnite universe.

The Fortnite community reacts to the Cult Of The Lamb Outfit concept art

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The concept art of the outfit showcases a design that stays true to the character's distinct purple and red color scheme from the COTL game. It uses elements that are synonymous with the Lamb's presence in Cult Of The Lamb, including the iconic Crown with the red eye logo. These details add to the intricacies of the design while staying faithful to the character's design roots.

The concept is not limited to just the Cult Of The Lamb Outfit, however, since the artist also imagines the red eye crown as a glider that could go with the outfit and provide a thematically appropriate item to employ when jumping out of the Battle Bus.

The inclusion of the red eye crown as the glider highlights how concept artist peco was able to blend elements of the roguelike icon and an essential aspect of the Fortnite experience.

The user also showcases the Lamb wielding a Pump Shotgun, demonstrating what they could look like if the skin ever made its way into Fortnite. If that wasn't enough, the concept also features the viral Rizz Lamb look of the character alongside the Ageless Explorer skin. This further highlights the potential of a crossover between the two universes.

The Fortnite community's reaction to the concept art from peco was filled with admiration, with players expressing how the design scheme of the items works beautifully within the Fortnite universe. As such, they're holding out hope for a possible Fortnite x Cult Of The Lamb collaboration in the future. Some of the most notable reactions from the community are listed below:

With Solid Snake recently being added to Fortnite, players are hoping to see Epic Games continue with the collaborations and add a Cult Of The Lamb Outfit to the game.

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