Fortnite Creative v20.10 Update: Full list of all changes and new additions

Fortnite version 20.10 significantly improved the Creative mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite version 20.10 significantly improved the Creative mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

Creative has gradually evolved into one of the most popular modes in Fortnite. Apart from the battle royale enthusiasts, the community now has a ton of map creators who love making mini-games based on a wide range of genres.

Accordingly, Epic Games constantly updates Creative by introducing new items, features, and settings. These changes help creators by providing them with more elements on their maps that gain the attention of a larger audience.

Here's a thread of everything we didn't share for the v20.10 Creative Update! #FortniteCreative

With that in mind, here's everything to know about the latest Creative update in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Fortnite 20.10 Creative update brings in new color options, NPC spawner, and more

New weapons

The Anvil Rocket Launcher is now available in Creative, implying that loopers can destroy vehicles with ease.

Some new settings for Melee devices have also been added. These include:

  • Cannonball Impact Radius
  • Charge Time
  • Jump Attack Knockback
  • Jump Attack damage
  • Charge Attacks Break Block (Enable/Disable setting)
  • Secondary Feedback Scale
  • Knockback Options
  • Secondary Action (such as Dodge and Block)


Epic Games has increased the maximum health of Wildlife, Creatures, and Guards by up to ten times the previous amount. It seems like the developers want the challenges to be harder.

Features and settings

The biggest highlight of any Fortnite Creative update is the list of new features. With version 20.10, loopers will have access to the following new features and settings:

  • New Streaming Radio device Synchronization settings named Global, Island, and Player.
  • Auto Play feature for the Streaming Radio device.
  • VFX Color option for the Supply Drop Spawner.
  • Save Point device settings called 'Save all Scoreboard stats.'
  • New Campfire settings related to Creatures and Predators (loopers will be able to decide if Campfires affect them or not).
  • Henchmen can now be spawned.
  • New Chair device settings related to Player Exit (enable/disable) and Chair model.
  • New Llamatron device settings related to Picture-in-Picture Trigger Range, Allow PIP, Triggered Seek Time, and Video to Play.
  • New HUD Controller device settings for Storm notifications.
  • New Item Spawner device settings to allow spawning when a player blocks it.
  • New Matchmaking Portal setting which determines whether the portal image is visible during the game.
  • New Trigger device setting to decide whether or not to trigger when it is touched by a Water device.

It is no surprise that Fortnite map creators are delighted with the aforementioned updates. While some are looking to hire NPCs, others expect Epic Games to add Melee weapons from Save the World in the near future.

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