Fortnite: How to earn XP fast in Creator made islands

Creator made experiences are in Creative mode (Image via Epic Games)
Creator made experiences are in Creative mode (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is officially underway. The season debuted at the end of last week and brought many changes. That means there are new challenges and skins to unlock on the battle pass.

XP is as vital as ever this season, and there are a few different ways to earn it. One such way is using Creator-made experiences, which can offer a lot of XP. Playing them is also an XP challenge and an excellent opportunity.

Fortnite Creator made islands for good XP

These maps are excellent for earning XP. This can be a breath of fresh air from the typical grind of Battle Royale or even Save the World. These maps almost always have unique gameplay that makes them fun to try.


You can find them by going into the Discover tab in Fortnite and choosing one. For example, High School RP is an excellent choice. This is a role-playing map, which seems impossible. Nevertheless, a battle royale game can be host to an RPG.

Once inside, you will want to choose a role. You can either be a teacher or a student; it doesn't affect the XP intake, whichever way you choose.

Once you choose, the mode begins. You can earn XP for doing almost anything, but it's also good to play by the rules. The game will alert you to when a certain class begins, thus when you need to be there.

The classes offer brief game modes, such as painting a room in arts and crafts. These allow you to do something besides just wandering around and are an excellent way to pass the time.

Another option is dance class, which allows you to dance on a dance floor with teammates. This is perhaps the easiest way of earning XP on this map. It gives XP for doing the emote.

For example, just by completing one minigame within this map, the YouTuber earned almost 9,000 XP. That's a lot and will go a long way toward leveling up, especially while the game supercharges XP.

Chapter 4 Season 2 is here (Image via Epic Games)
Chapter 4 Season 2 is here (Image via Epic Games)

You can do these things for a long time within the High School RP Creative map and get plenty of XP. The longer you're in there, the more XP you will get.

Eventually, you will complete the challenge requiring earning 50,000 XP in Creator-made experiences. This is a two-fold challenge because it awards you with XP, but you also earn some Fortnite XP.

The Creator made map experiences differ, and the gameplay will be unique to each one. Spend some time perusing the options and find one you like. Getting the required XP on pretty much any of them will be easy enough.

What's great about these is that they're not Fortnite XP glitches. That means they're on the up and up, and Epic Games won't take the maps down because they're too easy to level up with.

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