Fortnite: How to get free FNCS rewards in Chapter 4 Season 1

Fortnite FNCS Drops
Players can get free rewards in the upcoming FNCS Majors in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 (Image via Epic Games)

The 2023 competitive roadmap for Fortnite was released earlier this month by Epic Games, introducing a revised format for FNCS in Chapter 4. With a brand new chapter, players have dropped onto a completely different island with new items to improve their Battle Royale gameplay.

Fortnite's competitive scene in the past year consisted of Cash Cups and several collaborative tournaments, where players could win free cosmetics and Late Game Arena cups. As a result, several pro players and veterans gave up on the game and switched to other online title that had better opportunities in their professional esports scene.


However, there was a major shift when an upcoming in-person tournament, the FNCS Invitational 2022, was announced last year, where pros like Kami and Setty claimed the big prize.

This year, Epic Games has decided to expand upon its FNCS scene in the form of a Global Championship and a COD League-inspired Majors format that will continue the competitive scene all year round until the very end, leading to an in-person tournament in Denmark later this year. Furthermore, players who aren't part of these tournaments will get free rewards in the form of drops by watching their favorite pros battling it out.

Fortnite players to get free FNCS drops in Chapter 4 Season 1 during the tournament

As a reminder, the FNCS drops for this season are set to include:- Badge of Glory Backbling- FNCS Banner Icon- Winning Streak Loading Screen- High Stakes Victory Spray

Based on recent leaks, players will receive free rewards during the FNCS 2023 season in Fortnite Chapter 4 as Drops, which generally occurs around every major competitive tournament that takes place in-game. The cosmetic rewards were decrypted from the game files in the latest v23.20 update that was dropped last week.

This time around, Fortnite players will stand a chance to obtain up to four major rewards for free when the first phase of FNCS Majors kicks off next month. The cosmetic rewards alongside their item description, include the following:

  1. FNCS Badge of Glory Back Bling - Carry home the Championship
  2. FNCS Banner Icon - A new icon for your banner, assign it in the locker
  3. FNCS Winning Streak Loading Screen - Break ahead of the pack and become a Champion
  4. FNCS High Stakes Victory Spray - Leave your Mark

These cosmetics can easily be claimed via Twitch Drops by watching the official Fortnite channel or an eligible streamer with Drops Enabled. Once you do so, Twitch Chat will reveal a progress bar that will require you to watch the stream for a specific amount of time. Watching a livestream will make you eligible to claim the free drop from your Twitch Inventory.


To do so, head over to and log into your account. You must then head over to your account settings. Once you're there, navigate to the connections tab on your left. Click on it and select Connect right below the Twitch icon on your screen.

You can then head over to the Inventory Tab on Twitch marked by the Drawer Icon and click on Claim rewards. Once your drop is claimed, simply open Fortnite and redeem the free reward that's waiting for you after the loading screen.

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