Fortnite Lantern Trials 2022 (Day 1): How to participate and earn a free reward

Fortnite Lantern Trials (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Lantern Trials (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Lantern Fest has officially kicked off, and the island reflects the change. Many POIs have decorative lanterns hanging in them now, and players have the opportunity to take some photos. Epic Games' statement about the event reads as follows:

"The Island is celebrating Lantern Fest too: lanterns are hanging along the streets of certain POIs. Take a picture featuring one of these lanterns (or featuring many!) and share it on Twitter using the #Lantography2022 hashtag. The submitters of some of our favorite shots will have a chance to win the Cameo Needs Loot! Emoticon."

Alongside the festival on the island, the Fortnite Lantern Trials have also begun. This will be a five-day trial in which players can unlock free cosmetic rewards. Here's how to participate and get the first reward today.

Fortnite Lantern Trials: How to unlock the first day's reward

The first day of the trial is currently live and has about 14 hours remaining. If players do not sign up and complete the challenge, they won't be able to unlock today's free reward, which is the Brawlin' Bunny emoticon.

Share the light 🕯️Sign up for the Lantern Trials to complete challenges and earn in-game rewards including four Emoticons, a Leadlight Wrap, and a Dream Lantern Back Bling!More info:

They will also be unable to redeem the final rewards that are given for earning a point on each of the five days. Gamers can sign up here with the account that they use for Epic Games or Fortnite.

Additionally, players who complete the milestone of the day twice will earn two rewards: Leadlight weapon wrap and the Dream Lantern back bling. Today's challenge is to earn eliminations. One elimination will serve as one point.

Rewards for the trial (Image via Epic Games)
Rewards for the trial (Image via Epic Games)

One elimination will be enough to unlock the Brawlin' Bunny emoticon, but loopers will need to get 35 eliminations to hit the milestone of the day. For tomorrow and the remaining days, the milestones will undoubtedly change.

The website will track players' progress in the trials but may not be as up-to-date or as fast as it could be. There may be a delay in seeing the stats show up, but players can rest assured it will show up eventually.

The #Fortnite Lantern Trials have begun!Earn rewards by collecting points. 🔗 Link:

Everything is live, so players can drop in and begin collecting eliminations. Fortunately, eliminations are not terribly difficult to come by, and many gamers will have no trouble collecting the requisite amount for this trial.

For those struggling to hit the milestone, it may be advisable to land in heavily populated areas like Tilted Towers, Daily Bugle Coney Crossroads, or Rocky Reels. This may lead to shorter matches but will likely nab a few extra kills as a result.

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