Fortnite IO Blimp at Daily Bugle crashes after loopers win it back

The IO blimp was taken down in Daily Bugle (Image via Sportskeeda)
The IO blimp was taken down in Daily Bugle (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite storyline has picked up the pace with the start of Chapter 3. It mainly focuses on following the mainstream plot, which includes the battle against the Imagined Order to contain the power of Zero Point.

For the past few years, the IO has held the Zero Point to its advantage, which causes a loop in Fortnite Island.

The current Chapter 3 Season 2 is based on the battle between the Imagined Order and the Seven. The latter's goal is to bring down the IO to free the Zero Point and the players from looping repeatedly.

This has converted the map into an entirely warzone-based territory that changes or develops each day.

Fortnite IO Blimp crashes, signaling first-ever victory of The Seven


The beginning of Chapter 3 Season 2 brought the community into an intense ongoing battlefield. The interactive war between the IO and The Seven recently ended at the Daily Bugle, with the latter taking over the territory.

The IO has set up blimps in major POIs on the map to mark its territory. The same was done at the Daily Bugle location, now in the hands of The Seven. Due to this, the blimp that hovered over the POI was destroyed and crashed onto the water body nearby.

Looks like the Blimp will crash in the water, or maybe a part of it. 🥱

The blimp is now just another destroyed flying vehicle that was a vital asset to the IO in Fortnite. The first battle's results mark the ongoing and soon-to-come victories The Seven will hold.

This also helped eliminate the IO guards dispatched to that location to prevent loopers from conquering the POI.

Condo Canyon is next target for The Seven to conquer


As the fall of the Daily Bugle from the hands of the Imagined Order has been seen, the next war will take place in Condo Canyon. Loopers can experience this battle with the same outlook present in the Daily Bugle fight.

Territories across the Fortnite Island are changing rapidly due to the impact of full attack mode from both The Seven and loopers. There is a high possibility for the former to regain Condo Canyon, resulting in another blimp getting destroyed and falling out.

It should also be noted that once Condo Canyon is captured by The Seven, the entire eastern part of the island will be in their control. This will further grab the territory from the hands of the Imagined Order.

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