Fortnite update v20.10 patch notes: Daily Bugle under attack, Chica Icon Series skin, Coachella  collaboration and more

IO Airships will soon crash and burn in Fortnite! (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
IO Airships will soon crash and burn in Fortnite! (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Although the Fortnite v20.10 update is not substantial, it provides insight into things to come.

Leaks showcase the Imagined Order being pushed back all the way to their base in Command Cavern. It is an indication that The Seven will win this war for all of reality.

An Eivor skin will be released with Ezio in the Item Shop, she's been added to the files today!

Aside from the war aspect, new cosmetics have also been added to the files. According to leaks, the famed Eivor Varinsdottir outfit will be added soon. Keeping that aside, here is the major content that players can expect.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - v20.10 update patch notes

1) The Seven launches the first counter-attack and tanks are added to their arsenal

Looks like the Daily Bugle Blimp will be the first to be taken down as there's a fight between IO & Seven's NPCs over there and it tells you to help them reclaim the POI! (via @zatheo_)

Following the battle lines being drawn on the map, The Imagined Order has taken over most of the island. However, it would seem that the tables are about to turn. According to HYPEX, The Seven's foot soldiers have begun attacking the IO-controlled POI - Daily Bugle.

This is likely to signal the start of the "The Seven vs IO" mechanics being implemented in the game. The Seven have added their own versions of the Titan Tanks to their arsenal to bolster their firepower. This will provide Loopers with some much-needed firepower to take on the IO.

2) Chica is now an icon in Fortnite!

Here is the first look at Chicas Icon Series SkinVIA @FNBRIntel

After much speculation and guesswork, the rumors have turned out to be true. Maria Lopez, better known as her online alias Chica, will soon have her own Icon Series outfit in the game.

Based on the new leaks, the outfit will have three styles for players to choose from. However, there's no release date in sight just yet. While the outfit will be added to the item shop during the next rotation, it may also be added a few days from now.

3) Coachella collaboration


While it's unclear what exactly Epic Games has in store, it would seem that a collaboration with Coachella is in the works. According to the latest leak from HYPEX, something called a "Coachella Rocker Bundle" has been added to the files.

Now, even though the lineup for Coachella features big names such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and others, it's unlikely that their skins will be added to the game in this manner. The bundle will likely contain some themed cosmetics from the event.

4) Heavy Snipers are back but have been nerfed

THE HEAVY SNIPER IS BACK IN ALL 3 RARITIES!- Damage remains 120/128/132- Headshot nerfed from 200/200/200 to 180/192/198- Builds Damage nerfed from 1000/1050/1100 to 600/630/660- Reload Time buffed from 4.5/4.2/4 to 4/3.8/3.5- Daels 640+ Damage to Vehicles

To everyone's surprise, "a blast from the past," or more specifically the Heavy Sniper, has been added back to Fortnite. However, it's not the same as most players remember it.

Although the weapon is undoubtedly powerful, its damage caps off at 198. This effectively means that an opponent with full hit points and shields will survive headshots. Nevertheless, it can still be useful against vehicles.

5) Jetpacks and Spicy Chug Splashes are back!

Jetpacks are back, can be found in Blimps & also Spicy Chug Splashes are back!

While the Heavy Sniper is rather disappointing, Jetpacks are not. This utility item is about to make mobility much easier in the game. Given that Loopers can shoot and move about simultaneously, combat is about to get interesting.

Speaking of mobility, Spicy Chug Splashes have been added back to Fortnite as well. Essentially, they function as Chug Splashes but also grant players a small movement boost for a set duration.

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