Fortnite Lantern Trials (Day 3): How to complete the challenges and earn a free reward

Lantern Trials (Image via Epic Games)
Lantern Trials (Image via Epic Games)

The third day of the Fortnite Lantern Trials has arrived. There are only five days, so there's not much time left to get involved and unlock a few free rewards. The rewards for the first and second days can still be collected, but it will be more challenging to do so.

Today's free reward is the Sweaty Jonesy Emoticon. Players can unlock it but only have a little less than 14 hours to do so at writing.

How to get the third free reward from Fortnite Lantern Trials

Each day, players are tasked with completing in-game challenges (though not like the daily or weekly XP challenges) to earn the rewards. For example, the first day's challenge was to earn an elimination. Gamers who did that would have unlocked the Brawlin' Bunny Emoticon.

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Aside from one challenge for the free cosmetic, there is a daily points milestone. Achieving this will once again reward players with the Leadlight in-game weapon wrap. Doing it a second time during the five-day event will unlock the Dream Lantern Back Bling.

If players miss any days, they can unlock all four emoticons by earning a single point on day five.

Free emoticons (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)
Free emoticons (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)

Today's single task is to place twice in the top seven in duos. Two top seven finishes will result in one point. One point unlocks the Fortnite Sweaty Jonesy emoticon. Today's milestone point total is six.

All told, players will need to finish in the top seven with their duos' partner 12 times in the 14 hours they have left. The results are tracked on the Fortnite Lantern Trials website but may be delayed.

There are a few ways to ensure a top seven placement, but one of the best ways is to drop in an area without players. Starting without battling or even being near anyone is a good way to let several teams die off first.

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Avoiding conflict throughout the game is a good way to avoid an early death. It might be less fun, but it is a safer and easier way to place in the top seven.

After seven Fortnite teams are left, gamers can attack any and everyone they see if they want to or continue playing passively to try and steal a win. The alternative is to eliminate all opponents and survive, but that is easier said than done.

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