Fortnite Live Event confirms Darth Vader skin in Chapter 3 Season 3

The Sith Lord is arriving soon to the island (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Sith Lord is arriving soon to the island (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite Live Events is the most awaited gaming occasion that takes place at the end of every season. These events move the ongoing storyline in the game at the time and introduce loopers to newer map changes, characters, a new theme for the season and cosmetics.

As loopers witnessed the Collision live event tonight which marked the end of Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance, they were left in disbelief upon watching the spectacle that Epic put up. However, a few key highlights did steal the show.

One of those highlights confirms the speculation of a much awaited character entering the loop. The live event showed players a glimpse of the character, which left them in disbelief.

Darth Vader skin showcased in Fortnite Collision Live Event


The Sith Lord on the hunt for its former master Obi-Wan Kenobi was finally spotted tonight at the Collision Live Event inside the Zero Point. Although he was in another universe to which Zero Point opened a portal to, Vader was seen dueling with a hooded Jedi with his red lightsaber going against the opposing blue one.

Obi-Wan Kenobi skin used in the event

Although the tease was very minimal during the event, players were quick to guess that the jedi was a hooded variant of Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, the existing cosmetics of Kenobi do not have a hooded style. This could hint at an additional style the skin could get in the future.

Despite several concept artworks, fans can finally have a look at their Sith Lord as an in-game cosmetic skin. Darth Vader skin was a surprise to all loopers and the Star Wars community alike.

The only thing fans are concerned about is his pickaxe, as many would want a lightsaber to be his main pickaxe instead of a knife that Kenobi's cosmetic set holds.

However, loopers are still speculating about the Darth Vader skin being a part of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass as several past leaks have hinted towards it. Either way, fans will be eager to cop the skin at the earliest possible.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 teasers now live

Shortly after The Collision Live event wrapped, Fortnite is taking time to introduce loopers with more details about the next season in Chapter 3. The teasers show a single word that might be the theme of the next season: Vibin.

The website mentioned below the tweet will redirect viewers to a portal where they can view three of the Season 3's Battle Pass skins. Loopers can then wait until the downtime ends so they can have a look at the official story trailer and the Battle Pass trailer for Chapter 3 Season 3.

In the meantime, they can visit the official YouTube or Twitch handle of Fortnite to listen to some chill beats the game has decided to play before the launch of the new season. The video is titled Press Play and Start Vibin' which might resonate with the next season's theme as well.

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