Fortnite Season 6: Ninja shocked after accidentally finding out a secret “Trading” feature

Ninja is shocked to discover a new feature in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ninja is shocked to discover a new feature in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite has changed considerably over the past few seasons. New effective updates have changed the gameplay of the battle royale game and brought many additional features.

Popular gaming streamer Richard Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, recently returned to Fortnite. While streaming one of his recent battle royale matches, he stumbled upon the “Trading" shots feature.

Ninja was not aware of its availability, and hence, was shocked to uncover it. He also shared his opinion on this new feature.

This article will discuss the additional feature in Fortnite and also reveal what Ninja said regarding the feature.

Ninja shocked to find out “Trade" shots feature in Fortnite Season 6

Often gamers find themselves 1v1 with their opponents. During this situation, both players will try to eliminate the other one to survive and eventually march towards victory royale. The “Trading” shots feature allows both gamers to die at the same moment due to their opponent’s shots.

Ninja took some time out of Fortnite for a few days. Upon his return to the popular battle royale segment, he discovered the “Trade” shots feature while streaming one of his recent games.

Ninja was in the last circle with only two players left in the game. He was not aware of it and was casually dueling with his opponent. Both gamers came real close, and there was a heavy exchange of fires.

Although both tried their best to build the structures and create some resistance, Ninja ended up being killed by his opponent. However, it turned out that they both “Trade” hit each other, and the two ended up dying at the same moment.


Ninja was certainly surprised to find this out and did not shy away from showing his emotions. He even went ahead to state his views, which were diplomatic as he didn’t openly say anything against this feature, nor did he praise it.

“Wait! I didn’t know you can Trade in this game! It’s new in this game. I don’t hate it. It only benefits the guy who would’ve lost the fight.”

Certainly, he was not aware of the feature and admitted that he didn't know that the opponent was the last man left. Ninja stated that he’d have played it differently had he been aware that that was the only player left to eliminate and win the Fortnite match. He even admitted that he’s still losing in many ways and is still learning.

The Trade shot feature was not available in Fortnite even a few seasons ago. This has been added to the latest updates Epic has rolled out. Earlier, this feature was limited to RPGs and grenades as they took some time to reach the opponents. However, it is now available for guns as well. Players can end up killing one another by trading shots.

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