Ninja returns to Fortnite, immediately makes fun of Tfue on live stream

Ninja trolls Tfue on his first Fortnite livestream after his hiatus (Image via Twitch, Ninja)
Ninja trolls Tfue on his first Fortnite livestream after his hiatus (Image via Twitch, Ninja)
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Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, is finally back to streaming Fortnite, after he decided to quit following the meltdown he had on live stream due to stream snipers. Just before jumping into a lobby, in typical "NinjasHyper" fashion, he made fun of Turner Ellis Tenney, aka Tfue.

Ninja goes to the Support a Creator tab and begins to type in "Tfue," before making a troll face and replacing it with his own name. While it surely wasn't enough to start another social media feud between the two, it remains to be seen if and how Tfue responds to this.


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Will Tfue hit back at Ninja following the cheap shot?

It's no secret that Ninja and Tfue are not on the best of terms given their history and rivalry, and the two often try to outdo each other in games. However, things got rather heated last year, when Ninja called Tfue out on Twitter for messing up a charity event that was being hosted by Mr. Beast.

Despite seemingly being in the wrong, Tfue didn't hesitate to lash out at Ninja with a slur. According to the charity tournament's rules, participants couldn't stream on their personal channels, but rather had to redirect traffic to Mr. Beast’s YouTube channel, so that viewers could donate directly to the charity event.

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Following the fiasco, the tournament had to be restarted, which slowed down the the entire donation drive. Lannan Eacott, better known as LazarBeam, even pointed out that the chat of the charity event was being spammed by random people.

The situation escalated to such an extent that Jessica Blevins, Ninja's wife and manager, spoke about the situation via her tweets and blamed Tfue for the mess.

After this heated argument, things began to eventually cool off and both of them went back to their daily routines. Ever since this unsavoury exchange of words, Ninja and Tfue have been at a cold war with each other. However, with Ninja now taking a shot at Tfue during his first livestream following the hiatus, it wouldn't be too surprising to see yet another social media feud between the two in the weeks and months to come.

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