Fortnite: Peely has a secret Banana handshake that nobody knows about

Unpeely reacts to banana skins (Image via EveryDay FN on YouTube)
Unpeely reacts to banana skins (Image via EveryDay FN on YouTube)

Most NPCs in Fortnite have interesting reactions when players come up to them dressed in their outfits. A Haven skin talking to the Haven NPC results in a unique confrontation. Currently, there are several NPCs on the Fortnite island, and they can have varying reactions to players depending on who they are dressed as.

Unpeely was recently added to the island as a part of the No Sweat Summer event, where the island turns to summer, and NPCs get ready to party in the sun. One YouTuber recently discovered that Unpeely, a new summer event NPC, has interesting reactions to all banana skins. If gamers dress like Unpeely, he has a secret handshake in store for them.

Fortnite NPC has a unique reaction to other banana skins appearing in front of him

Unpeely can be found at the beach outside Sanctuary, where most of the beach and summer-themed festivities have been placed. One YouTuber decided to land there and talk to him with a ton of different skins on.


For the first attempt, the YouTuber landed as Jonesy, and the Fortnite NPC offered them some whipped cream-based sunscreen. When they landed as Frozen Peely, this is what Unpeely said:

"Unpeely initiates the secret Nana Nana handshake."

Obviously, this type of affection is reserved for banana skins because when the player returned at the end of the video as Jonesy, there was no handshake.

The Fortnite player also visited as Agent Peely, and the original Peely skin and Unpeely initiated the handshake both times. It can be assumed that if one went to Unpeely dressed as Unpeely, they would also receive the secret handshake.


Alternatively, the sight of himself might freak Unpeely out, and he may not be interested in shaking hands with some strange alternate version of himself.

The following skins are expected to initiate the handshake with Unpeely as well:

  • Peely Bone
  • Toon Peely
  • P-1000

Unpeely can be hired to follow gamers and help them attack enemies. He also fittingly sells bananas, which can be used for health.

The third option he provides is to purchase mini shields. Overall, Unpeely is a solid NPC to help gamers win matches, especially if they hire him.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 NPCs

Unpeely has joined a long list of Chapter 3 Season 3 NPCs on the island. Here are some of the rest of them and their locations:

NPC locations for the others on the map (Image via Fortnite.GG)
NPC locations for the others on the map (Image via Fortnite.GG)

These NPCs all offer various services and items. Most of them offer good weapons for a fairly low price. At The Joneses, the NPCs rotate randomly.

The following characters can be hired to follow the player around and help them try and win the match:

  • Quackling
  • Cuddlepool
  • Fishstick
  • Haven
  • Stash'd
  • Jonesy the First
  • Mullet Marauder
  • Ludwig
  • Bunker Jonesy

These NPCs can tell loopers the location of the next storm:

  • The Scientist
  • The Visitor
  • The Underwriter

Lil' Whip can turn players into prop disguises and can show up in several locations on the map.

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