Indiana Jones officially makes his way into Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Indiana Jones is finally available in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Indiana Jones is finally available in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Indiana Jones is a special skin that Fortnite players can unlock with the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass. The popular movie character was leaked long before the season was released, but players can finally obtain him.

To unlock this skin, Fortnite players will have to complete a variety of challenges. While these challenges are not difficult at all, they might take a few games to complete.

Epic Games has added a new variant of Indiana Jones as well, which means that more than ten different rewards will soon be unlockable, including an exclusive pickaxe and Jones' emote.

The Fortnite developer originally scheduled the skin to come out on Thursday, July 7. However, there has been a change of plans, and players can complete the challenges right after they get into a match after the v21.20 update.

How to unlock Indiana Jones and his cosmetics in Fortnite

To unlock the Indiana Jones skin, players will have to complete the quests from the first page. Unlocking the extra variant will require the completion of every single quest, which is relatively easy.

There are four primary quests players will have to finish in whatever order they want. Finishing these quests unlocks new ones that are necessary for the new variant.

The Indiana Jones challenges are LIVE!

Here's how to complete the first four quests and obtain their rewards:

  • Banner Icon: Search 4 chests at Shifty Shafts
  • Rogue Archaeology Wrap: Deal 500 damage to opponents while riding in or standing on a vehicle
  • Raider's Relics Pickaxe: Use the Grapple Glove to swing off trees 10 times
  • Expedition Bag Back Bling: Collect the Durrburger Relic from The Temple and The Ruins in a single match

After completing these challenges, players will unlock the Indiana Jones skin and its basic style. However, to unlock the additional style, these challenges will also have to be completed:

  • Indy's Dustoff Emote: Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines
  • Indy's Escape Spray: Stash an item of Mythic or Exotic rarity in a tent
  • Doctor Jones Emoticon: Make Runway Boulders roll for 100 meters in a single match
  • First Misadventure Loading Screen: Deal 750 damage to opponents with a pistol
  • Emergency Raft: Finish Top 5 in a match

The challenges are very simple and easy to complete. Some players may struggle to deal 750 damage with a pistol, but if this is a problem, players can always join a bot lobby and complete the challenges quickly.

The new temple is on the map

Last week, Epic Games announced a map change that would be released with the v21.20 update. This turned out to be Temple Bloom and is used for the Indiana Jones collaboration.

The new Indiana Jones temple at "Temple Bloom" will feature special gameplay elements!There will be:- Emote unlocked doors- Ambient Music- Puzzles- Torches- Traps#Fortnite

Players can find the new temple between Rocky Reels and The Joneses, and as you can see in the tweet above, the temple has some new gameplay mechanics.

It will be interesting to see how many players use the new skin. While Indiana Jones is a very popular character, he may not be that popular among Fortnite players.

Still, we can expect the community to focus on the challenges and unlock the skin as soon as possible. After all, it looks really good, and adding it to the locker is a must!

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