Fortnite players love 'No Building' so much, they want it permanent

Fans rally for No Building in Fortnite to become permanent (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans rally for No Building in Fortnite to become permanent (Image via Sportskeeda)

The arrival of Chapter 3 Season 2 has started the Building vs. No Bulding in Fortnite debate, and it has reached an all-time high. Fans now demand that the No-Build mode be made permanent.

Part of the new season's storyline was that Dr. Slone has disabled all building on the map. The IO has launched an all-out war on the Seven, and Loopers need to find a new way to defend the island. According to leaks, building will return in a week once players have completed all the relevant quests.


Unfortunately, players have gotten a taste of the new mode, and even pro players and content creators have fallen in love with it. The fact that No Building significantly reduces the skill gap between players has made the game more fun in the last few days.

Players vote for No Building over Building in Fortnite


Building structures with materials has been an integral part of the Battle Royale game ever since its inception. Players can use it to dodge enemies, reposition, and take fights head-on.

Therefore, when Epic Games removed the building mechanics from the game, it came as a huge shock to players. Fortunately, casual players soon realized that no building is so much better as they no longer have to worry about sweats who can build skyscrapers within seconds.

A couple of days in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance, FortTory, a leaks and news page on Twitter, took a poll to see where players stand on the Building debate.

Let's settle this, No Building or Yes Building?

It is evident from the results of the poll that an overwhelming majority (72%) of players prefer No Bulding over Building in the battle royale game. This follows the popular reception of the change amongst content creators, many of whom have started streaming the game regularly now.

Will No Building in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 become permanent?

While there seems to be a lot of support around making the No Building a permanent change, it is hardly practical. Epic Games is using this as a change of pace in gameplay and as a way to advance the storyline. There are a few tournaments and LTMs based on the change too. However, things will return to their usual ways in a couple of days.

Having a "No Building" gamemode in fortnite is def the play to attract the casuals back but if you think competetive should have no building your an idiot & bad at the game

Bulding in Fortnite is an essential aspect of battle royale. This is the only differentiating factor that separates the game from the likes of Warzone or Apex Legends, and Epic would want to keep it that way.

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