Fortnite reveals Geno's face for the first time during Collision live event

Geno finally made an appearance during the live event in Fortnite. (Screenshot by Sportskeeda)
Geno finally made an appearance during the live event in Fortnite. (Screenshot by Sportskeeda)
Amitesh Dhar

After months of waiting, Epic Games finally gave the entire Fortnite community a glimpse of Geno. Characters in Fortnite have been talking about Geno for quite some time now, and it's good to finally get a first look at the character.

However, the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 live event did little to ease the community's curiosity about Geno.

Only the character's face was seen during the live event, adding more hype to his origin story. That said, here's everything that the live event revealed about Geno.

Who is Geno in Fortnite?


Gleaned from everything revealed till now, Geno is a high-ranking official in the Imagined Order, if not its leader itself. And from what was seen in the event, Geno could probably be hiding in one of the several realities that Zero Point is connected to.

The Foundation and Jonesy jumped into Zero Point moments before the event ended, and were transported to a reality where Geno could currently be hiding. However, given that the Zero Point works in very funny ways, players can be transported to the reality where Geno is.

The Fortnite live event ended in a cliffhanger, leaving the community with more questions than ever before. The primary questions that the Fortnite live event raised were:

  1. Where is Geno hiding?
  2. Where have The Foundation and Jonesy gone off to?
  3. Is Doctor Slone dead?

Hopefully, the upcoming season will be able to answer some of these questions, if not all of them. However, given that Epic Games has been teasing Geno for so long, they will probably shed some light on this character next season, if not, introduce a storyline.

The live event ended on a very weird note as well. Despite destroying all the Zero Shards that were attached to the Collider, the Zero Point ended up having what looked like a meltdown.

The Paradigm ended up shielding the player within the palms of the Mecha Team Leader. However, the actual fate of the player and the Paradigm is still unknown.

Moreover, if the Zero Point has truly exploded, it's bound to leave the map in complete shambles. Keeping in mind everything that has happened till now, there's a high chance that a new map will be introduced with the upcoming season. If that isn't the case, there will have to be a new POI or two on the existing map.

"To be continued in season 3" ๐Ÿ˜ณ#Fortnite

Interestingly enough, the event ended with a "To Be Continued" screen that had the image of a mushroom. Until now, the only character associated with mushrooms was Madcap.

But then again, the Madcap skin made it to the item shop earlier this year itself. Other than that, the flora on the loading screen resembled the ones that were seen during the alien invasion of the Fortnite island. This could also be a subtle hint at an upcoming crossover with Avatar as well.

Will the aliens return to Chapter 3 Season 3? Or will Madcap have an important role to play against the Imagined Order? Most importantly, where is Geno? All these questions will be answered once the game goes live and the new season begins.

The trailer for the upcoming season should technically go live in a few hours, following which the new season could go live as well.

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