Fortnite's 'The Seven' squad is finally complete

All members of The Seven have been revealed in Fortnite (Image via Reddit/u/JayL21)
All members of The Seven have been revealed in Fortnite (Image via Reddit/u/JayL21)

The members of The Seven are arguably the most important characters in Fortnite's lore. They've been around since Chapter 1, and the entire group has finally been revealed in Chapter 3 Season 2.

It all started in Chapter 1 Season 4, when the Visitor visited Athena (Chapter 1 island) and tried to escape with a rocket. The first live event in the game's history also featured The Visitor's failed rocket launch. Fast forward to Chapter 3, The Seven is at war with the Imagined Order, which includes Dr. Slone, Geno, and Gunnar.

This article will talk about the newly released The Order skin in Fortnite and her significance in The Seven.

The Order arrives in Fortnite Item Shop following months of anticipation

Interestingly, leaker HYPEX spotted two female skins in one of the surveys and made a wild guess that they might be The Sisters that Agent Jonesy mentioned during the Chapter 2 Season 6 cinematic live event.

This might be the biggest stretch but.. *Could* this be The Origin & The Sisters?I know their suit colors don't match the pattern, but the suit design/pattern does match The Seven's suits in many ways.. But again, the 2 females could be 1 skin with edit styles.

As it turns out, The Imagined and The Order are the two sisters, and players can now buy the skins in Chapter 3 Season 2. While The Imagined is a Battle Pass reward this season, The Order has just been released in the Item Shop for 1200 V-Bucks.

It's time for The Order to take the spotlight as the final member of the Seven.Grab her Set in the Item Shop now!

Loopers are worried about The Order being a limited-time skin like The Paradigm skin, which was available in the Item Shop for just three days in October 2019. The character hasn't returned ever since, and naturally, the Paradigm is now one of the rarest cosmetics ever.

Epic Games hasn't explicitly mentioned that The Order is a limited-time outfit, and more clarity on the matter can be expected in the coming days.

It's NOT confirmed yet if "The Order" is actually only available for a limited time or not!Epic didn't mention anything about it in their tweet, BUT they did the same with "The Paradigm"!They mentioned only 24 hours after her release that The Paradigm is a "limited-time" skin

Who is The Order in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Back in Chapter 2 Season 6, The Foundation joined forces with Agent Jonesy on one condition: the latter would take him to The Sisters. The identity of these sisters is no longer a mystery.


The Imagined and The Order seem to be the daughters of Geno, who is allegedly the real boss of the 'Imagined Order.' The Imagined has no recollection of her past, and nothing is known about The Order yet.

Regardless of their past and indirect association with the IO, both sisters are actively working with The Seven to save the Loopers.


The Order's arrival is a historic moment for Fortnite. Players around the world have waited for this moment for years as the sisters can unveil a ton of secrets. It is safe to assume that Chapter 3 Season 2 will end with a massive live event where fans will get to learn more about Geno and the real intentions of The Sisters.

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