Fortnite Season 6 POI guide: Best chest spawns, wildlife, and more at Boney Burbs

{Image via Benthehitman32 on YouTube}
{Image via Benthehitman32 on YouTube}

Fortnite Season 6 has brought several new POIs to the map, including a new primal location called Boney Burbs.

With new in-game challenges expected soon, Fortnite players may ideally want to familiarize themselves with Boney Burbs. There's a lot to offer loopers who drop there at the start of the game.

Fortnite Season 6 POI guide: Boney Burbs

One of the newest additions to the map is Boney Burbs, a location that fits well into Season 6's Primal and prehistoric theme.

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The suburban-styled location features unique primal architecture which incorporates dinosaur bones into the area's buildings. These bones, however, serve more than an aesthetic purpose. Fortnite players can destroy bone decorations and receive Animal Bones in their place.

Within Boney Burbs, players will find the Tarana NPC, who can offer players even more Animal Bones to assist in their crafting. Tarana also offers steps in completing Spire challenges that allows players to unlock special in-game items beyond what is available in the battle pass.

The image below reflects both accurate chest locations as well as Slurp Barrel locations within and near Boney Burbs. Loopers who drop in Boney Burbs can expect to find plenty of loot as well as several Slur Barrels. However, the loot pool available makes Boney Burbs an especially hot drop spot.

{Image via Fortnite.GG}
{Image via Fortnite.GG}

Along with an excellent loot pool, Boney Burbs has the tools necessary for players to knock out multiple challenges within one match.

Several current challenges available for players to complete in order to level up through the battle pass focus on harvesting Animal Bones, harvesting Mechanical Parts, or doing damage with specific weapons like Bows.

Rather than dropping onto the battlefield in random locations multiple times to attempt to complete a challenge while hoping for the best, Fortnite players can utilize Tarana and Boney Burbs' guaranteed natural environment to gain XP quickly.

For Fortnite players looking to gain XP quickly and set up a stable camp against the enemy, Boney Burbs is one of the best places for loopers to drop within the current Season. However, loopers will want to be on the look out for newly introduced raptors that could spawn in the area.

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