Fortnite streamer breaks his monitor after losing a $2 wager, breaks down crying on live stream

 (Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)

A Fortnite player recently broke his gaming monitor on a live stream after losing a wager to another player. The player then uploaded an image of his monitor to Twitter. The outcome was quite disheartening.

Wagers are quite common in the Fortnite community. Players put money on the line almost every time they play a 1v1 game to see who is better.

These wagers usually take place in creative battles like zone wars, build battles, and box fights in Fortnite.

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One such player was TNA Jeff, who recently lost a wager to a young player and was disgusted with his awful performance. He then smashed his PC monitor in rage before instantly regretting his decision.

Fortnite player breaks his monitor over a $2 wager


TNA Jeff later posted a picture of the monitor on Twitter. From the image, it was clear that the monitor's display has been destroyed.

The streamer posted the picture with the following caption:

"playing like this is so uncomfortable how do I fix."

YouTuber Den Top 10 also uploaded a clip of the wagered battle.

In the video, TNA Jeff made this statement:

"I just broke my monitor because of this kid's voice."

TNA Jeff added that he is terrified to tell his mother about losing $2.7 on a wager and then breaking his gaming monitor.

Numerous members of the Fortnite community responded to the tweet. Some of them even offered a new monitor so that TNA Jeff can start playing Fortnite again.

The incident showcased the two sides of the Fornite community. Like TNA Jeff, many young Fornite players struggle to exercise restraint over their emotions, but there are others who are more composed and looking to help fellow Fortnite players.

Losing a bet can be frustrating, but it is not worth breaking a gaming monitor. A $2.7 wager is nothing compared to a $400 monitor.

TNA Jeff has over 60,000 Arena points, which is an indication that he is trying to become a competitive Fortnite pro. Broken monitor or not, he definitely has the potential to make it as a pro.

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