Fortnite: When does creative XP reset?

Fortnite's Creative mode is growing leaps and bounds (Image via Twitter/nishiryo__)

Creative XP in Fortnite resets daily at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. This coincides with the item shop resetting/rotating as well. In short, Creative XP is the number of experience points players can earn in Creative mode. This includes active and passive (AFK) XP gain. Why it resets would have to do with diminishing returns.

Seems like In Japan they are promoting Fortnite Creative, potentially to get ready for Creative 2.0.via: @Hkszinn

According to those who frequent the Creative mode, the AFK method seems to have become a thing of the past in specific maps. The XP gained for idling is no longer valid in all circumstances.

The highs and lows of Creative XP in Fortnite

XP in creative is mainly awarded to players who partake in activities on maps that have XP enabled. However, the algorithm works very differently than XP in the BR mode.

For instance, in Fortnite's BR, players earn 100 XP every time they pick weeds or light a campfire. This value does not change no matter how often the activity has been undertaken. In Creative mode, this value tends to have diminishing returns after a certain point.

According to the Fortnite Creative Blog Post, Greasy Grove is the FIRST of multiple Battle Royale POIs that will be turned into islands for Creative Mode.

To elaborate on this phenomenon, XP is awarded based on frequency. The more often someone activates an accolade, the less XP they get. The XP gain slowly builds up when they stop using that same accolade for some time.

Epic Games has added a daily reset system to improve this mechanic. Rather than waiting an indefinite amount of time to earn more XP, players now know exactly when they'll be able to do so. This removes any doubt and makes things more streamlined for everyone.

Is Fortnite Creative XP worth it?

Yes, Creative XP is worth it if players know what they are doing. For those who know their way around the Creative HUB, they'll be able to find player-made experiences that are fun and provide XP at the same time.

Fortnite Creative maps, such as The Pit (4590-4493-7113), allow players to earn XP per elimination. This can range from 1,000 to above 6,000 for headshot eliminations. The best part about this is that players don't have to enter a public game to earn XP.

Craft your perfect loadout and get ready to go all out.Prepare for the ultimate battle in The Pit - FFA by @Geerzy🎥: Geerzy

They can invite friends and create a private match to earn XP from eliminations. Given that The Pit can be competitive, this is an easy way to earn experience points. XP per elimination in the short term is much more than the BR mode. However, as stated earlier, this will eventually get capped.

This applies to specific Fortnite XP glitch maps as well. Once the initial inflow of XP ends, things will slow down to a grinding halt. That is, of course, if players get to the map before Epic Games implements a fix.


While Creative XP does have its perks, solely using it to reach seasonal level 200 to unlock Battle Pass rewards will be a slow grind. Despite the decent flow of XP, players will have to complete challenges in BR mode to earn significant chunks of XP quickly.

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