Fortnite x Fall Guys live event leaks ahead of time

A possible Fall Guys crossover (Image via Nintendo)
A possible Fall Guys crossover (Image via Nintendo)

Fortnite and Fall Guys have one thing in common, they both know what it's like to be on top of the gaming world and to dominate everyone's playtime and thoughts. Unfortunately, the time spent at the top has lasted much longer for Fortnite than it has for Fall Guys. However, the run Fall Guys had certainly cannot be discounted as it was the most popular game for quite some time.

They have since fallen off, but that hasn't stopped Epic Games from taking notice. A new leak suggests that a Fall Guys crossover will take place soon. What that event might be remains to be seen.


The highly anticipated collaboration was allegedly considered a year ago, when Fall Guys was much more popular. However, this new leak suggests that the long teased collaboration is finally on the way.

Fortnite Fall Guys crossover may finally be coming

Many players expected the Fall Guys crossover to be dead in the water. It has been too long since the platform battle royale game was relevant enough for Epic Games to genuinely consider a crossover with them.

Unlike Marvel, Star Wars, and most other crossovers in Fortnite, Fall Guys only had an admittedly brief period of relevance that is not current. However, Epic Games seems to be moving forward anyway.

Previous I mentioned on my personal account that Epic was working on two new Fall Guys URLs that re-direct to the Fortnite website.I have an update to share!It appears we are going to be getting a Fall Guys x Fortnite trials event in the future as the urls were updated!…

The best guess as to why Epic Games is moving ahead with this collaboration is simply because they have the ability to do so. If they had planned it out a year ago, Epic has most likely already secured the rights to the game.

Whatever reason they delayed the crossover for is evidently over now, which gives them the option to move forward. Even if it's less relevant now, they have it, so why not use it?

Fall Guys crossover (Image via Nerpah on YouTube)
Fall Guys crossover (Image via Nerpah on YouTube)

iFireMonkey also offered some insight as to why they might be moving forward now.

Also if we recall to previous leaks from almost a year ago, these are what Epic originally planned for a Fall Guys Collab!Fall Guys is set to go into a "Symphony Season 1" soon with a paid pass and is rumored to go free to play so it makes sense for the collab to start soon!

Fall Guys is apparently poised to adopt a seasonal model and become free-to-play, just like Fortnite. With that in mind, the collaboration begins to make more sense.

iFireMonkey also mentioned that the crossover might function like the Lantern Trials or the Nindo Trials, where a website exists for players to sign up and complete challenges.

It could also work like the recent crossover that Fortnite had with Rocket League. iFireMonkey noted that Mediatonic, Fall Guys' parent company, has also added cross-platform support.

According to @FNLeaksAndInfo Mediatonic has also recently added support for cross-game item grants similar to Rocket League where you can do a challenge in Fall Guys and get a reward in both Fall Guys & Fortnite

This may mean that challenges in one game can grant rewards in the other. However, for now, there's no timetable for this crossover.

It should be noted that this information is all based on leaks and is therefore speculative at best until Epic Games confirms this officially.

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