Leaked Fortnite survey reveals 50+ potential upcoming skins

Leaked designs from the new Fortnite skin survey (Image via Sportskeeda)
Leaked designs from the new Fortnite skin survey (Image via Sportskeeda)

A new set of Fortnite skin surveys was recently leaked. Similar to previous surveys, these include a variety of character outfits that could possibly arrive in the game. In fact, the new surveys have more than 50 skins for players to choose from.

Skin surveys are a great way for Epic Games to know what original outfits or collaborations fans will enjoy. These are great ways to test the waters and create hype for upcoming skins. Thankfully, the developers have once again outdone themselves with a range of wonderful character outfits.

The latest Fortnite skin survey brings back some popular old skins, such as the Purple Knight. The new Switch bundle has also been leaked, which will only be available to Nintendo Switch players.


Everything leaked in the latest Fortnite skin survey

While the latest skin survey doesn't hint at many new collaborations, it has several unique and original designs. The survey also hints at many new skins that might be a part of the upcoming Anime Legends series.

Besides anime-style skins, the new survey also includes several goth skins as well as a toy figurine collection. Epic is going beyond its usual skin designs to cater to a much wider audience. Therefore, it plans to bring a variety of new skins that look like samurais, ninjas, demons, and even aliens.

NEW SURVEY SKINS JUST DROPPED!! (images collected by @DrCacahuette)

Not all of the recently leaked skins from the survey might make it to the Item Shop or the Battle Pass. It all depends on how fans react to the new skins for Epic to decide which ones make the cut.

Players react to the latest Fortnite skin survey leaks

New and original skins always end up making players happy. One of the latest skin survey highlights is the Switch bundle skins. The skin looks like a 3D anime design with the Nintendo Switch color scheme.

The new Switch bundle Is 🔥

Players on other platforms are already feeling bad about this being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, as they will probably end up missing out on it.

@HappyPower i hope it will be free and that Nintendo does it for free for all instead BUYING A NEW NINTENDO SWITCHlike i want those kinds of skins as well not buying a new one
@ozzwaid @HappyPower W for switch players

Despite a generally positive reception, some players feel that this skin survey wasn't as good as the previous ones. According to them, the quality of the original skins has gone downhill over the last few seasons.

@HYPEX @DrCacahuette I know I’ll love to see these skins in the item shop along with part 2 skins lol
@HYPEX @DrCacahuette Because these are good too and I love the look of them
@HYPEX @DrCacahuette One of the few good ones. The quality of these survey skins has gone downhill by a long shot. Went from creative stuff to mostly an okay girl wearing some basic attire. There are still a few hidden gems but not as many as before, shame.

Hopefully, players will be able to see these leaked skins in the game as soon as possible. The last few releases have all been collaborations, and Loopers could certainly use some more original Fortnite skins.

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