How much health does the Klombo have in Fortnite?

Klombos are mysterious dinos in Fortnite Chapter 3 and they are rumored to be immortal on the map (Image via Epic Games)
Klombos are mysterious dinos in Fortnite Chapter 3 and they are rumored to be immortal on the map (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 3 has introduced giant reptiles called Klombos. Though these dinosaurs appear cute at first sight, they can be extremely lethal if the occasion arises.

Klombos are cute to look at and can be sighted in multiple locations around the map. When a player befriends Klombos by feeding them Klomberries, the latter will drop loot in return. They can also be used as a mode of transportation in the game.

#Fortnite Klombo 🫐When giving them a berry they will change colour upon eating it and shoot out loot in return. You can also use their blow hole as an easy method of transportationKlombos will also get aggressive and shoot lava from their blowhole

However, if any player decides to take down one of these giants, it can easily become their worst mistake. These cute creatures turn into monsters when provoked and attack vigorously when shot at.

Read on to find out about their health and how much damage they take from every weapon in the game.

What we know about Klombo’s health in Fortnite Chapter 3

When any NPC gets added to Fortnite, players try to eliminate it to see if it is a challenge or a simple task. When it comes to Klombos, the best option would be to not try this stunt at all. However, some players might be curious to take down the new dino in Chapter 3.

Before they attempt the task, it would be best to have the knowledge about the health of the creature. This will determine how much firepower players need to stack up before taking on the challenge.

Based on the intel provided by Fortnite leakers, a Klombo has 2000 units of health and it engages when fired upon by players. These creatures are not aggressive by nature and will only attack if provoked.

Furthermore, every weapon in the game does only one unit of damage to it per shot. This typically means players will require 2000 rounds of bullets to take down a Klombo. A YouTuber tried this experiment in Battle Labs and it proved to be fruitless.

One can safely say that these creatures in Fortnite are currently immortal.


Klombos have also gained a reputation for eating anything that is laid down in front of them. Nonetheless, they will 'sneeze' loot only when fed with Klomberries. These special berries are found all across the map and can be picked off bushes.

Players can also consume these berries, and they are rewarded with extra health and shields for doing the same.

The best chance players have against Klombos in Chapter 3 Season 1 is to be on their best side and befriend them with berries.

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