Fortnite YouTuber records the 'death' of Klombo, proves why it isn't a good idea

What if Klombo, who is invincible, gets killed in Fortnite? (Image via YouTube/GKI)
What if Klombo, who is invincible, gets killed in Fortnite? (Image via YouTube/GKI)

Fortnite's beloved creature Klombo, codename Buttercake, was added to the island in the v19.10 update. The community has much-awaited the beast. They are finally excited to see him in every game, now that he roams across the land.

Klombo is an adorable creature who bears no harm to those who ride him, walk around, or feed him his favourite treat, "Klomberries". On the other hand, loopers who have tried to kill him have failed as he still stands tall and invincible.

But a famous YouTuber called GKI created an animated scenario with his friend to show how Klombo will die.

Fortnite YouTuber GKI creates a scenario where Klombo dies


Renowned Fortnite YouTuber GKI is famous for creating videos about glitches in Fortnite. Recently, when he saw the invincible creature roaming across the island, he teamed up with his animator friend and made a make-believe scenario where Klombo dies.

As seen in the video, Klombo, when heavily injured, falls flat on his face and returns to his original colour from the rageful red. This looks sad as the creature is a loving being who looks adorable and usually means no harm to those who roam around him or even get launched from his blowhole when he sneezes.

The community would not take this positively as they would be plain sad to see Klombo die.

We’ve only had Klombos for a day, but if anything happened to them, we would eliminate all of Tilted.

However, Fortnite tweeted after Klombo and Tilted Towers that if anything happens to Klombo, Tilted Towers will be doomed. This can mean that the developers want the loving creature to be safe and part of the game as loopers speculate on Klombo's connection to the main storyline in the upcoming seasons.

Attempts by the loopers to eliminate Klombo

Since Klombo stands tall as a challenge to the loopers as invincible, the community got to work on finding new ways and teaming up to eliminate the giant creature.


From assembling an entire lobby for eliminating him to killing him with the mythic MK-Seven weapon, the giant creature remains undefeated after repeated attempts to destroy him.

Only the developers have an answer on a weapon or a way to eliminate him, or maybe, he might be another NPC who is a part of the game but cannot be stopped.

The community is still finding new metas and ways to kill Klombo, while a war is starting between the IO and The Seven across Chapter 3 Island.

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