How to Parkour and Mantle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

In the latest season, loopers are getting a new ability to move around the island (Image via Twitter/FortniteBR)
In the latest season, loopers are getting a new ability to move around the island (Image via Twitter/FortniteBR)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 was released today and the Resistance is gearing up for a war against the Imagined Order. Dr. Slone and her IO army have made their way to the island and have set up bases, bringing several vehicles and weapons to defeat The Seven.

Upon her arrival, she disabled building mechanics across the island and has left players with no choice but to enhance their abilities and find new ways to get to the high ground.

Enter Fortnite's OG ability, Parkour, which loopers love to perform in Creative mode and have always wanted in the game. Parkour and Mantle abilities were recently added to the existing sliding mechanics, making loopers do extraordinary things.

Parkour and Mantle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2


Parkour and Mantle abilities go hand in hand. To do the same, a player needs to sprint and then press jump to parkour across buildings and mantle from a ledge. Some loopers are currently failing to understand this mechanic due to its reliability on the sprint ability.

When players drop from the Battle Bus to their new island for the first time, they receive an introduction to these abilities. The introduction is voiced by The Imagined, a newly discovered member of The Seven, who talks about Dr. Slone and her army disabling the building and how the loopers had to adapt to sprinting and mantling.


Assign a keybind to activate Sprint as there is no default keybind that players will be able to use. Once assigned, use Sprint near the wall and jump. This will cause the player to perform a jump boost to a building or a structure's ledge.

Once the player hangs on the ledge, it will automatically mantle over to get on top of the structure.

Players react to Parkour ability in Chapter 3 Season 2

tje new fortnite update is really fucking good except for the fact that you cant build which makes me just not want to play at all its a shame the new sprint is reallyt fucking good the parkour feels perfect the overshield is perfect yet theres no building WHY did they make itbad

After the launch of Parkour ability, players want the building mode in Fortnite back more than ever. The ability was brought in place by Epic as a substitute to building. The player base is divided as they believe that this is the greatest feature they have ever seen in-game.

Okay, but literally, Fortnite has better parkour than Assassin’s Creed now😭😫…

Several players are even saying that the parkour animation is great. While some are in awe of the ability, others are still stuck on the building mechanics being removed.

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