Fortnite removes building completely as Chapter 3 Season 2 begins

Fortnite becomes no build for a week (Image via Twitter/HYPEX)
Fortnite becomes no build for a week (Image via Twitter/HYPEX)
Rishabh Sabarwal

Fortnite is a game that is unique when compared to other battle royale titles and there is one element that sets it apart: building. This is the very heart of what makes Fortnite so special for the player base. Building allows loopers to protect themselves from incoming fire and also allows them to showcase their mechanics and skill.

With the addition of new players in the past few months and to balance the fighting odds, there have been speculations about Epic removing building from Fortnite, and that day has arrived.

Fortnite removes building from the latest Chapter 3 Season 2


With the release of the newest Chapter 3 Season 2 trailer, the community saw the arrival of heavy vehicles across the island and Dr. Slone disabling island builds.

This puts the island and the resistance at risk. In a recent leak by HYPEX, Fortnite is disabling builds in the game for a week, balancing the odds between good and bad builders.


Another leaker shared that on the competitive side of the game, the patch notes show that players will continue to be able to build. The competitive scene purely relies on building, and disabling this core mechanic would have made no sense.

This move will now allow several players to play the game purely based on their combat skills and gun mechanics. This is the first time that loopers will play the main battle royale game without the ability to build. Although this is a bold move made by Epic Games, there are always two sides to every major update, and the community is vocal about where they stand.

How did the community react to it?

@HYPEX Sweats the first week of this season
@HYPEX Ooh..this should be fun. The sweats are going to hate this so much. *evil grin* We have to use the map from the bushes and buildings as natural cover Halo/Call of Duty style. Don't get me wrong. I can build and at least defend myself. But this should be a fun challenge.

Several players who were not good builders made jokes and meme content about sweats who purely relied on their building skills. These players have always wanted to enjoy the game a bit more casually but are usually defeated by sweats who ruin their experience.

@HYPEX so you're telling me that fortnite is about to something that made it different apart from other Battle Royale games? Well, fortnite is the worst br now XD

On the other hand, many players are annoyed at this decision made by the game developers. They believe that building is a core element of the game and is essential in combat. The community has been voicing its opinion on the matter, and it remains to be seen how this move pans out over the coming week.

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