How to play Fortnite on Apple (iOS) with GeForce Now: Closed Beta registration details and more

Fortnite is coming back to Android and iOS devices through Nvidia GeForce Now (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite is coming back to Android and iOS devices through Nvidia GeForce Now (Image via Epic Games)

Right after the Fortnite community seemed to have lost all hope, Nvidia stepped up by announcing to bring the game back on Android and iOS devices through GeForce Now. The limited time closed beta for mobile is currently available and interested players can sign up for it.

Following Epic Games' court battle with Apple, iOS players were sure that Fortnite wouldn't return to their desired platforms any time soon. However, here's how they can finally play the battle royale title through the closed beta.

Epic Games & NVIDIA have teamed up to bring Fortnite back to IOS through "Geforce Now", the closed beta starts next week! ๐Ÿ‘€ (via @Nibellion)Any IOS players coming back after this?

How to register for Fortnite limited time closed beta for iOS and Android devices

Players need to follow these three simple steps to get the opportunity to play Fortnite on their iOS devices:

  • Log in/Create an Nvidia account.
  • Complete the registration form that is available on NVIDIA's official site. Players can select the device on which they plan to play. Luckily, they can pick more than one device.
  • Take an Nvidia Geforce Now membership. It can either be Free or Priority, and this wouldn't affect the chance of playing the closed beta.

Due to Epic Games' dispute with Google and Apple, millions of players were compelled to use keyboard/mouse or gamepads to play Fortnite on their devices. However, with Nvidia GeForce Now, they can access the new touch-control version of the title.

While loopers can still rely on certain gamepads to play the closed beta, Nvidia has clearly mentioned that keyboard and mouse won't be supported.

Fortnite mobile closed beta registeration details

Obviously, admission to the closed beta is limited, and players must not assume that registering will automatically confirm their application.

The sign-ups for the closed beta have already started on January 13, 2022. Towards the end of January, limited members will start receiving access to the game.

Also, both Epic Games and Nvidia are working tirelessly on the closed beta. As a result, there is no fixed date as to when the project will be live.

Lastly, players should note that they'll be invited to play the closed beta based on regional availability and device. Naturally, they won't get access if their device is incapable of running high-end games.


All in all, the return of Fortnite to mobile devices is a dream come true for not just casual players, but a ton of content creators. The game seems better than ever with Chapter 3 Season 1, and now is the ideal time for Epic Games to expand its playerbase.

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